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"There was a safe way of telling this story and there was a risky way; I opted for the latter"  -Scott Hicks on directing Snow Falling on Cedars
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Thank you all for your warm and generous applause as we exit the online stage after 20 years of weekly movie reviews, with our 1,040th edition on February 16, 2017.

Please note, selected reviews are regularly added to the site in the REVIEWS section.

Here below we share some of the emails and other messages of congratulations we have received. It’s all very much appreciated.


Hi Andrew, Congrats to you and Louise for a long and glorious innings – well played! The Oz screen industry has benefitted greatly from your passion, commitment and tireless efforts over two decades.
Best wishes
Don Groves
Film Journalist

Hi Andrew and Louise
I just wanted to touch base and congratulate you both on 20 years of Urbancinefile, here at the Empire Cinema Bowral we are great fans of your work!
Gerard Aiken
Empire Cinema Bowral

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephan Elliott

Wow! This has come out of the blue!!! So sad. But congratulations on 20 years, what a mammoth effort you two have made and what a great contribution to cinema in this country.
Much love, Margaret
Margaret Pomeranz, Film critic

Dear Louise and Andrew,
I have marvelled at the way you have both kept up the pace of producing Urbancinefile all these years, and covered the distribution landscape, in particular, so comprehensively. Congratulations on such a wonderful contribution to the industry and discussion about cinema, and thanks for doing it with such good grace for so long.
I can’t imagine you will stop viewing and reviewing, but some respite from the constant deadlines will no doubt be welcome. A toast to you both.
Much love,
Sue Murray

Louise & Andrew, Congratulations on a stellar performance…an Oscar worthy one indeed !
We’ll continue to keep & stay in touch always…
Best of luck for the future.
Cheers, Stephen
Stephen Basil-Jones
Executive Vice President - Aust./N.Z. & Northern Asia
Sony Pictures Releasing P/L

Hi Louise and Andrew
This is a momentous moment. I hope it means you will have more time for fun! Warmest,
Sue Milliken

Hi Andrew,
Say it isn't so.
I have enjoyed your newsletter so much over the years.
Thank you very much indeed for your efforts.
Perhaps I have taken it for granted.
"You don't know what you've got...till it's gone."
All The Best in your future endeavours.
With grateful thanks,
Tony Henderson.

Dear Louise and Andrew,
My reply is late but my heart is full of admiration for the fantastic and incredibly important URBAN CINEFILE. I'm thrilled to have been part of it and I'm so pleased it will remain accessible.
You are not just to be congratulated but thanked by the Australian screen industries and audiences for what was always a fabulous hub and hive of intelligent information and is now a valuable national resource.
I'll be in Syd at SFF time and I hope we will have the chance to raise a glass together.
All the best,
Richard Kuipers

Dear Andrew and Louise,
I’ve just read your news. 20 years is an outstanding achievement. Urban Cinefile is an old and valued friend. And will be missed. I hope the next stage is aiming to be a happy and adventurous one.
Andrena Finlay

Dear Andrew and Louise,
Thanks to you both, and to Urban Cinefile, among the few constants in the shifting sands of the past two decades, a source of reliable pleasure and appreciated support.
Wishing you well whatever you do, wherever you go.
Al Clark

Hi Andrew and Louise,
I hope this finds you both well. And I understand it finds you in a stage of transition…
The closure of Urban Cinefile?! I didn’t think I would ever see that day! I read in your farewell notice that you would be reviewing films from time to time. I hope I’ll still be seeing you both around.
I will miss the newsletter in my inbox each week. You both had a many insightful thing to say across all genres of the art.
Wishing both all the best.
Paige Diamond
National Publicity & Promotions Manager
Palace Films

Hi Louise,
It’s such sad news to hear that Urban Cinefile will have its final weekly edition and newsletter this week. It’s been such a key part of the film industry over the last two decades, and needless to say, will be missed my many!
Look forward to still seeing you around the traps!
Natalie Motto
National Publicity Manager
Entertainment One Australia

Hi Louise & Andrew,
So sad to hear to that Urbancinefile will be no more in its current form, such an end of an era!
It’s been lovely working with you both in my time at eOne and I wish you both all the best. Hopefully you have some R&R planned; very much deserved.
Claire Fromm
Publicity Co-ordinator
Entertainment One Australia

Hey Guys,
Thanks for this info.
Very sorry to hear about the end of Cinefile.
My congratulations to you both on a major contribution to the business over 20 years!
Paul Dravet
General Manager
Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Thanks Louise and Andrew.
Congrats on that great achievement and for all your support over the years.
All the best and talk soon.
Alex Temesvari
Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Dear Andrew and Louise,
Congratulations on an amazing career! You will be missed!
Cheers, Rach Baker
Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Hi Andrew
I received the media release from Tracey about the shuttering of Urban Cinefile. I just wanted to reach out and wish you all the best for whatever's next.
All the best
Keith Barclay

Dear Andrew and Louise,
I am really sad that we are ending our Urban Cinefile era!
Mighty congratulations to you both on an outstanding contribution and invaluable legacy to our nation.
Thank you for enrichening my life with your insights, humour, joy and passion for movies!
Exciting times ahead for you!
Sending you each my very good wishes for your new era,
With my love and friendship,
Nerida Tyson-Chew
Screen Composer
Creative Notes Music Production

How will I know what to watch now?? Thank you so much for the last 20 years, for your fabulous reviews, unbiased opinions and travel tips......and for one or two prizes I won.
I will miss your newsletter dearly.

Hi Folks,
Just a quick note of appreciation before my treasured weekly newsletters from Urban Cinefile cease to arrive each week. You have done a wonderful thing for Australian film and indeed film in general over the last 20 years and I shall miss your well written reviews which had become a lovely oasis (enjoyed with a cuppa) in the working week.
Congratulations on all you have achieved and all the best in the next endeavor!!
Stephanie Francis
Payroll & HR Systems Manager
Sydney Opera House

Hi Louise,
I saw the announcement last week and my jaw dropped. What massive news! You and Andrew are so important to the film industry. Not to mention, the nicest people in the industry too! I’m so glad you’ll still be reviewing selected films and working on the university course.
Thank you for all your support over the years and for just being awesome to work with.
Lots of love,
Karynne Poon
Senior National Publicist
Universal Pictures International Australasia

Very sorry to hear the news.
Thanks for your amazing effort (20 years!) and passion for all things film.
You’ll be sorely missed.
Best regards,
Greg Denning, Head of Sales & Acquisitions & Development Manager
Studiocanal P/L

Hi Andrew and Louise,
Congratulations on 20 years and thanks for all your support. It’s been wonderful working with you, from Transmission to Hopscotch/eOne and here at StudioCanal. I look forward to keeping in touch and reading the occasional review of our films, but will miss your weekly updates.
Wishing you all the best for your continued projects.
Rosie Braye
National Publicity Manager

Hello Andrew and Louise,
I worked in the TV industry for 20 years, my last job being with the movie channel provider, Showtime. I now write movie profiles for eBroadcast, an online TV and Film Guide.
Over those years your website has been invaluable. I have accessed so much information in that time, it has made my work that much easier. I am very sorry you will be finishing up Urban Cinefile.
I cannot thank you enough for providing an excellent source for everything movie related.
I wish you both all the best with all your endeavours in the future
Very best wishes
Robyn Watkins, eBroadcast

Just wish to say we will miss you SO SO much, my partner & I love the movies and we really valued your reviews (even though we go & make up our own minds).
It was always the comment…”have you got ‘urbancinefile’ yet?”….
Thank you for all the time & effort you have both put in.
Where shall we go for good considered reviews now?....
Anyway all the best & again thank you…. From two other urban cinefiles ☺
Ruth Gray & Pete Minahan

Good morning to you.
Really sorry to read that Urban Cinfile will no longer be an active medium - have really enjoyed it. Very sad as there is no other internet magazine that remotely comes close to what you offered.
Most useful in our business.
Wishing you well as you move on into the future.
Majestic Theatre Malanda & Rising Sun Cinema Mareeba

Hi Louise and Andrew
… congratulations to you both for an amazing 20 years! All those pics you have watched, reviewed and guided viewers to. Incredible!
The most impressive aspect of you both is that you REMEMBER it all - the films, the stories, the cast, the characters, the crews, the highlights and all the behind the scenes gossip and info too.
Everyone will certainly miss your combined encyclopaedic knowledge of film and film makers.
On a very personal level thanks enormously for your friendship and for all your journalistic support over the last 20 years.
Wishing you all the best for your next ‘chapter’...
Louise & John Seale

Hi Andrew & Louise,
As a regular reader of Urban Cinefile it was with much sadness and some shock to read it will be bowing out of its online movie website.
Twenty years is a long time. I was 40 when you first started and I'm now...... never mind!
I have constantly read your movie reviews both on Urban Cinefile and on Rotten Tomatoes and have always respected your views which have been constructive when movies don't live up to expectations.
You have achieved a lot in the film industry and I applaud you for that.
I hate to think how many hours of films you have watched over the twenty years. I have seen a lot myself but I'm a baby compared with you both.
No doubt you have new endeavours ahead and I wish you all the best with whatever they are.
Kind Regards
Steve Mentiplay

Auguri from Rome, dear Andrew and Louise.
It’s been a privilege working with you and a pleasure to read Urban Cinefile on the other side of the world.
Sandra Bordigoni

Hello Andrew and Louise,
URBAN CINEFILE is my favourite film commentary, so whilst I wish you both a wonderful and relaxing time without publishing deadlines etc., I am sad that the pleasure of reading your reviews won’t continue.
Thank you both for your insights and points of view, I know you have many fans.
All the best,
Helen Leake
Dancing Road Productions

Hi guys,
Caroline joins me in congratulating you both on what you have achieved over the last 20 years with Urban Cinefile. Your professional insight into the world of film (and travel ) is something you can both be very proud of, and we will miss your weekly newsletter very much.
Like so many other movie fans, how will we now be able to distinguish the "goodies from the baddies"?
Over the years you have contributed so much to the industry and our personal enjoyment of it. You leave Cinefile at the top of your game!!
Caroline Lindsay and I wish you both all the best...
Best regards,
Alister & Caroline Mathieson

Wow end of an era but the start of something fabulous I am absolutely sure!
Big massive hugs to you both and a whole lot of love.
Catherine Lavelle,
Managing Director
Catherine Lavelle Public Relations Pty Ltd

Hi Louise and Andrew, The closure of Urban Cinefile is very disappointing news as I lead a small movie appreciate group for U3A at Cronulla. I've valued your email greatly over this time. The reviews are thorough and enlightening.
What can I say other than 'you will be greatly missed'. I appreciate the help you've given me in presenting films.
Fond regards,
Anita Spinks

Dear Andrew and Louise,
Congrats on 20 years of reviews. I'll be sorry to see you go. I always refer to your reviews when considering whether a movie is worth watching.
All the best in the future.

Sorry to hear you're shutting up shop Louise and Andrew.
Wishing you both every success in whatever your next plans are.
Your newsletter will be missed!
Best wishes
Vivian Zeltzer

Many, many congratulations.
Gosh, 20 years is such a long time, what a tremendous achievement!
I’m sure you’ll be sad and happy and excited all at the same time.
And we are too, for you.
Sue Williams & Jimmy Thomson

Dearest Andrew & Louise
Just had to say “Congratulations” today for such a meaningful contribution to the cinema world and its viewers, people like us; you certainly brought unexpected insights and delight at different times. A little sad, although celebrating with you on your well recognised achievements.
We remember the earliest stages; it all seemed a bit magical. Long live the magic in those (Canberra?) archives.
Patrick & Gabrielle

Hi Louise,
Thank you so much to you and Andrew for all the support you’ve given to Potential Films titles over the years, we’ve loved working with you both. It’s fantastic that you’ll leave Urban Cinefile available as an online archive, no doubt readers now and in the future will appreciate and greatly value this.
Warm wishes,
Coreen Haddad
Marketing and Digital Manager
Potential Films

Hi Louise & Andrew,
Belated Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary.
And I'm going to miss the weekly newsletter. However, I will continue to check the site (and spread the news).
Best Wishes,
Pat Conlan

I'm going to miss your insightful and comprehensive movie reviews, and the weekly newsletter. Thank you all.
Now, Andrew, all we need is to see some Front Up specials on SBS - three or four a year?
Best wishes for your future endeavours,
Joan Halden

Dear Andrew and Louise,
The final edition of URBAN CINEFILE has just arrived …WOW 20 years!!
Thank you for your support during those years – I wish you both all success wherever the road leads.
Linda Airey

Hi Louise,
Wow – 20 years is quite an achievement!
Thanks for your and Andrew’s reviews and support over the years and of course we look forward to being a part of your future work.
Best regards,
Mark Spratt
Potential Films

Thank you for providing such a fine service over so many years and hope that the future brings you many wonderful things.
Angelo Amici

Big thanks Andrew and Louise... It turns out your web based mag experiment worked!
You’ll be missed.
John Winter
Wintertime Films

Hello Andrew,
Thanks to you and your team for providing such a wealth of information over the years.
I am really going to miss the newsletter.
And again...thanks again.
Noel Cowan

Hi Andrew and Louise,
Best wishes for a long and healthy future. Your newsletter so often confirms my opinion of product. Will miss 'hearing' your voices via email.
Kind regards,
Des Partridge

Oh , I think we are going to be lonely!
Your reviews have been so trusted at our film selection meetings.
Your insight and nuance have guided many decisions over the years.
Best wishes.
Mark Braithwaite,
Secretary, Taree Film Society

Dear Andrew and Louise,
I would like to sincerely and whole-heartedly thank you both for all your years and decades of reviewing and compiling and interviewing filmmakers and films with Urban Cinefile!!!
If knowledge is power, then thank you both for giving us the power of your insight, analysis and debate as well as illuminating new ideas and guiding us through new films, especially Australian films.
I once met David Stratton and he said being a film critic is like being a bridge between the filmmaker and the audience - thank you both for being a wide and safe bridge, too!!!
Kindly yours,
Mel Avanzado
Feature film producer, writer, director

Thank you Louise and Andrew for your wonderful newsletter. I have greatly appreciated your critique and enjoyed many movies I might not have seen without your 'nudge'. While I will miss you visiting my inbox Urban Cinefile will remain a point of reference.
I say a happy farewell, and offer best wishes to you both.
Thanks again,
Janet Gibb

Hi Andrew and Louise,
I cannot express how proud I feel to read all of your very complimentary messages from such genuine people.
My belief is that as a result of your reviews, we have been encouraged to go out and see films for ourselves.
Over many years, I have had the privilege of reading your reviews on air (RPH Print Radio – turning print into sound).
During that time the feedback from listeners was priceless.
What a huge decision to make, but I know that a new door will soon be opening.
Much love and health to you both.
Anne Keller

Dear Urban Cinefile editor,
I just wanted to get in touch to say how shattered I am that you are shutting down your weekly Australian box office report. It was, as far as I know the most reliable and detailed weekly Australian box office report I have been able to find.
I hope you will reconsider. Give my thanks to Mary Sum for her 20 years of service to the Australian film industry. And it would be great if there was someone out there to carry the baton for Mary.
Whatever happens thank you very much for being my Aussie box office destination.
Regards, Anthony Maryborough, Victoria, Australia

Dear Andrew and Louise ,
So sad when I looked at your website today to discover that, after 20 extremely dedicated, hard – working, insightful , informative and wonderfully entertaining years, Urban Cinefile is no more.
As film reviewer and presenter of Talking Pictures, a weekly cinema show on Brisbane Radio 4 RPH, I’ve frequently consulted and quoted from your excellent reviews on my show.
With the recent departure of Margaret and David from our TV screens, Aussie television no longer has a cinema show of any description , let alone a weekly programme with clips , news and reviews from reputable critics.
I and I’m sure, all of the people who have visited your website regularly or even on a casual basis, would love to watch a new weekly TV show hosted by Louise and Andrew !
Thank You Both So Much For 20 Fantastic Years ,
Alistair Cheyne
Talking Pictures
Radio 4 RPH 1296 AM, Brisbane


Matt’s Movie Reviews:
Best of luck & huge THANK YOU to Urban Cinefile / Andrew and Louise for their fine work in film criticism.

Blake Howard, Dark Horizons:
Devastating that they’re hanging up their boots. Thank you for your service Urban Cinefile.

Bunty Avieson:
Big bouquet to you both, an extraordinary achievement. Here’s to your next adventure.

Marc Fennell, The Feed:
Oh wow! I was at the SPAA conference in 2000 where you guys were talking it up. Congrats on a fabulous innings.

Christine Hogan:
Well done!

Norman Buckley:
It’s hard to know whether to be sad and sorry for the end of something that was very impressive or excited to see what happens next. Whichever way you go I’m sure it will be great and I look forward to following you. Congratulations for achieving something totally memorable.

Sally O’Keeffe:
Congratulations on your years of outstanding work Louise and Andrew.

Gabriel Wendy Carr:
You’ve done something really wonderful. Congratulations.

Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons:
Congratulations guys, with you from the beginning. You’ve been an absolute institution.

Gloria Boswell:
Congratulations to you both. I’m going to miss my weekly Urban Cinefile and upon your recommendations have seen some wonderful films. All the best to you both.

Suzanne Davidson:
Big congratulations to you both on a wonderful job over 20 years!. Your comments and descriptions of many movies were a great help in deciding what to see.
But how will we know which movies to see and which to not worry about? xx

John L. Simpson:
Much love and deep respect.
So much to say
… but for now THANK YOU xxx

Gabriella Artista:
Congratulations and thank you both for a great prizewinning website. I will miss the informed analysis and the familiar weekly Andrew and Louise faces.

Brad Leeon:
Wow Louise and Andrew. What an amazing achievement. With such creative minds no doubt this will be the best opportunity for a new beginning. Incredible news.
Well done, you two.

Evelyn Pravaz:
Well done.. you should be very proud of your achievements.

Jon Anderson:
The end of an era, Andrew and Louise. Congratulations on all you achieved and for keeping us all informed.

Tony Thornton:
Congratulations and thanks for years of great content.

Gaye MacFarlane:
A momentous occasion.
Congratulations you two and here’s to a relaxed and happy future full of new adventures.
Much love xx

Sandy Back:
Hats off to you both and look forward to what’s next.

Helena Heidenreich:
Huge congratulations to you both on a magnificent 20 years.

Tracey Jane Mair:
Congratulations on a stunning achievement. 20 years of movies every day and astonishingly hard work is really something. Looking forward to seeing what you two do next.

Blake Murdoch:
Congratulations guys!

Paul Brennan:
Louise and Andrew, your marvellous insightful contribution to the Australian internet world and the cinema industry is irreplaceable. We all love you both so much for what you have achieved.

Carolyn Stevens:
Congratulations Louise! You must feel refreshed.

Phil Avalon:
Never missed an issue, thanks guys. You really are trail blazers.

Tania Chambers:
Thank you Andrew and Louise for your contribution to our industry over 20 years. Here’s to new adventures for you.

Eleanor Keller:
Wow! What a feat! Congratulations to you both and now happy days!

Rae Francis:
Such stars. Much love.
New adventures without deadlines!

Kym Druitt:
What a ride for @urbancinefile1 (& @urbancinefile): 20 years & 1040 weekly newsletters. That’s a lot of choc tops.

Bunty Avieson, writer:
Best wishes for the next chapter.

Michael Ney, producer, filmmaker:
Well done Andrew n Louise!

Megan Drummond:
Thank you, darling Louise and Andrew - for your significant contribution to the Biz. xox

Mike Downey, Producer:
The end of an era!!! And the beginning of a new epoch!!! Love, from Berlin! xxx

Kántor László:
A győztesek-The winners.

Terézia Katona Endrődy:
Congratulations and farewell from Budapest…

Virginia Gordon:
Thank you both for being a fundamental part of our industry, for sharing great insights and passions and being go-to reviewers for our punter experiences. I cannot thank you enough nor celebrate you enough for all you have achieved.

Karine E. Graziano Ceron:
Congratulations on a wonderful achievement and best wishes for the next exciting chapter!! Auguri da noi due xxx

Ann Milch, artist:
I will miss your weekly guide. Well done what an amazing feat: 20 years!

Erin Jameson:
Congratulations guys and thanks for all your support.

Gil Scrine
Thank you both! See you at the movies.

Virginia Duigan, author, screenwriter:
What an achievement! All the best Andrew for the next 20.

Shaheeda Chelat:
Congratulations Louise and Andrew! Have loved working with you both over the years. Thank you so much for all your support. x

Jenny Cooney, film journalist:
Sorry you are finally retiring the site. You were ahead of your time with this idea but I was happy to be a small part of it when there was a budget and wish you all the best for your next adventure!

Sandra Gross:
Best of luck for your next adventure.

Guy Gross, Composer:

Norma Fellows:
Enjoy the freedom.

Tamara Popper, Producer:
Thank you and all the best!

Stephen Baker:
Congratulations to both of you. What an incredible achievement… thank you for allowing me to gather so much information about the film world.

Sarah Stollman, Screen Lecturer in Production Design:
Wow - good luck with your new found time!

Chris Ramos:
Thank YOU Urban Cinefile!!!

Fiona Searson:
Wow. End of an era. I look forward to hearing about your future plans. xxx

Mary Schneider, singer:
Congratulations! You’ve both been amazing! Look forward to the next venture in your life. xxx

Robert Connolly, Screenwriter, director:
Congratulations and thank you to you both! What an amazing body of work and contribution to the industry.

Marty Rhone, actor, singer:
U both gave so much to an industry in our country that so desperately needed support & profile & even when u obviously didn’t like something, your critique was always constructive & never destructive. THANK YOU!

John B Lord:
What a brilliant run MLK & ALU !
I'm proud and happy for you ... '. XH

Sandra Hall, Film reviewer:
Thank you both. You’ve done great work. Hope this doesn’t mean I won’t be seeing you at any more screenings. xx

Joe Andre:
Congratulations Louise and Andrew,
Time to reward yourselves on a job well done.
Much love,
Joe & Susie Andre xxxx

Julie Rigg, Film reviewer:
You were pioneers.

Kaz Reiman:
Bless, for all you.

Liz Johnson:
Will miss the weekly updates. Thanks for all the reviews over the years - missing the mystery films..

Wayne Cornell:
Should be so proud of your achievements.

Kim Lewis:
A colossal contribution to film culture in oz by Andrew and Louise at Urban Cinefile. Bravo! And thank you for the personal touch you brought to your work.

Jenny Main:
Much love to you both..xxx

Pat N Doug Scroope::
Congratulations, 20 years, that's no mean feat, well done & best wishes.

Irene St John:
Wot a shock. Though it would go on forever. It's a credit to u both. Will miss my enlightening cinema guidance. Great work Luv. Xx

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