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About The Gambler

The Gambler is the sort of film that attracts a lot of highly diverse opinions. A plurality of reviewers have disliked it and a plurality of reviewers have liked it. As such, it might be anyone's guess as to whether a given reviewer or audience member is going to like it or not.

Any "The Gambler" movie review should acknowledge that this is certainly a film that has some positive points, or it would not have attracted any positive attention at all. However, any fair "The Gambler" movie review should also acknowledge that this is a film that has some severe flaws.

People who are regulars at the Euro Palace online casino are going to have a hard time personally relating to the protagonist of this film. Lots of people who go to www.europalace.com are the sorts of individuals who have been able to more or less earn a living by playing the multitudes of games on the website. For most of the other users, these games are fun hobbies that are not so very different from video games in the first place. The Euro Palace online casino is obviously going to attract some gambling addicts. However, these individuals are going to be comparatively rare.

The Gambler is very much a film that is about an obsessive gambling addict whose life devolves into crime, and it tends to paint a negative portrait of the people who enjoy gambling in general. Most of these individuals are able to do so responsibly, and yet they are rarely portrayed onscreen. It isn't surprising that the best and the most critically acclaimed aspect of the film is the performance of Jessica Lange, who plays the mother of the gambling addict protagonist. This film is a remake film, and most of the reviews have said that it fails to compete with the original material that made it possible. Mark Wahlberg plays the gambling addict protagonist, and his performance has been a fairly divisive aspect of the film. Many of the other young characters and actors failed to make that much of an impression on the audience.

However, as long as people know what they are getting, the Gambler should be a reasonably entertaining film for a lot of the viewers. This is not a groundbreaking film that is going to personally appeal to many people, but it at least manages to offer the entertainment value of a slot game.

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