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"It's a fantastic thrill to win the Camera d'Or, a big surprise. It's a wonderful treat and so is the money."  -Shirley Barrett, on her Love Serenade win at Cannes
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I found the report on police walking out of a special preview of REDBALL a little surprising in that one of the strong elements of the film for me was the way in which it created a world in which, whilst not condoning the actions of the police, one did get a very real sense of the pressure under which they work, the thin line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, and the ease with which someone in their position might cross that line. I also loved the creation of such a strong central female character as Jane "JJ Wilson (Belinda McClory) - a police officer first and foremost, someone who just happens to be female.
Jan Chandler


Saw Praise last night and was really impressed. I think that the bravery of the actors is what shone through the most. Its a grim world that they inhabit, but they live with a certain strange grace and dignity. The film looks fantastic (except for one overexposed outdoor scene), and the soundtrack is also really good. The two leads play probably the most unflattering roles ever recorded on film, and they do it so well. I can't imagine this film will find a large audience, but I think it will find a place in the hearts of some film lovers and stay around for a while.
Laurie Faen

The release date of the up and coming Australian film Two Hands has been changed so many times, that I need to know once and for all. When can we see this long anticipated film grace our screens?
Alyson Albany

Louise replies:
July 29 is the date according to distributor REP. But it can STILL change!

Recently, we saw an interview with Stephen Baldwin in which he referred to an ongoing "feud" with Nicolas Cage. Apparently the whole thing was sparked by some inappropriate comments made by Baldwin, which were reiterated during the interview (essentially that Cage cannot act). Does anyone know where the initial comments were recorded and if there is any substance to the so-called "feud"?
Michelle Kelly


A champagne bottle, please check your facts a little more clearly in future Ms Keller :
"In 587 B.C., King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon completed his destruction of Jerusalem. He was also known for a perplexing dream that he did not understand. The king called out to all the wise men in his kingdom for the one man who could not only interpret the dream, but first reveal the contents of the dream; a statue serving as avatar of his great kingdom destroyed by a rock." This is what the name of the ship was referring to (in Matrix review). A small but valid point.
Thank you.
Martin Riches

Louise replies: Nebuchadnezzar was certainly the King of Babylonia - you are absolutely correct. However, as I spent some years promoting the Champagnes Pommery and Lanson in Australia, my preference for reference is to the largest Champagne bottle. As my trusty Macquarie Dictionary says, Nebuchadnezzar is a large wine bottle having a capacity of 20 ordinary bottles and used mainly for display purposes (from Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylonia, 604-561 BC).

I would like to know the video release date for Urban Legends in Australia.
Gemma McBride

Louise replies: Urban Legends will be released on video in Australia in July 1999

Dear Urban Cinefile,
I am surprised that there are a few Australian films released back in the 1970s that have not yet been given a video release here yet. Here is a list of the films that I have noticed have not been ever issued on video.

STORK(Director;Tim Burstill).

I hope some video companies will eventually release the above films on video. Certainly STORK and SHIRLEY THOMPSON deserve to.
Now some suggestions:
1.Please try and do an interview with Isaac Hayes, the singer/actor who is coming to Australia for the Logies. Besides voicing Chef in the South Park TV show & upcoming movie, he's scored movies like SHAFT (For which he won a Best Song Oscar) and appeared in movies like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and FLIPPER(1996).
2.Please do an interview with George Lucas once STAR WARS;EPISODE 1 is released.
Bye for now.

Andrew Kieswetter, Adelaide

The last film I saw was Lolita, although there was much to admire about the quality of the film, I cannot relate to any admiration of the girl who played Lolita, I found her portrayal quite largely over acted and extremely annoying
at times. Jeremy Irons was his usual self but the film portrayed the story as it should be a tragic story of the ruin of a number of lives by selfishness. Anyway we all see movies through our own eyes and although I disagree with
you (Review )on this count, I believe that the film deserves to be seen and I see it as a two and a half star film only.
Thankyou for both your web site and your tv program,
Cheers Terence Michael Purdey


I totally agree with the opinion that this year, Miramax simply bought the Oscars for their film. Congratulations to those guys, they truly deserve a special Academy Award for the Loudest Promotional Campaign of the year. Make no mistakes, I loved the movie; it fully deserved its Oscars for Best Script and Judy Dench was a delight as Queen Elizabeth. But it simply wasn't the best film of the year. How can you compare 'Shakespeare' to the powerful, emotionally devastating journey that Saving Private Ryan was? At least they gave Best Director to Spielberg, otherwise I would have been forced to come down to USA and torch the entire Academy. It was also sad to see the over-hyped Gwyneth Paltrow winning over fantastic Cate Blanchett, who had a misfortune to give a top-notch performance in a little movie that didn't have as much money behind it as 'Shakespeare' did. To me at least, Paltrow's performance was only pleasing, and nothing else. I was never the one who whines and complains about Academy Awards being overcommercial, but I must admit that this year's Oscars made me feel pretty disappointed and cynical about the whole thing.
Yours truly,

Daria Angelova

1. I just about threw up at Whoopi Goldberg's "come to America with your movies" crap at the end.
2. Giving Judi Dench (yeh i know she's a living treasure etc) the award for supporting actress is a bit like saying the soothsayer is the most important character in Julius Caesar. As she said, it was only 8 minutes work, and compared
with the other nominees....
3. I'd like to retract my previous comment in letters 25/3/99 about Gwynneth Paltrow. I couldn't tell if her award was for Shakespeare in Love or her acceptance speech. I don't like her anymore. Worst acceptance since any of Tom Hanks.
David Berg

While I don't live or die by who wins the gold statuettes each March, and don't believe the genuine actors do either, I still, in all my naivete, believed until this year, that the Academy Awards were an accurate representation of the industry's most illustrious and accomplished players bestowing accolades on the year's most worthy films and the talented souls who contributed to their creation. The concept this year, of Shakespeare in Love doing well as a result of presidential style campaigning and shameless million-dollar efforts of unadulterated schmoozing makes me ill. The film had considerable merit, but this is hardly the point. Alas, now I believe the Academy Awards actually have less credibility than the Aussie Logies. Although what's less then nil ??
David Iliffe

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