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Forces of Nature
Screwball romantic comedy is back with Forces of Nature. It's a similar sort of scenario to the Katharine Hepburn - Cary Grant classic, Bringing Up Baby. Ben Holmes (Ben Affleck) is a conservative all round nice guy right down to his boxer shorts. Engaged to the sensible Bridget (Maura Tierney) he's hi-jacked by the eccentric-larger-than-life Sarah (Sandra Bullock).

Affleck handles his character with its gentle humour very well. It's a nice understated performance. Sandra Bullock is vivacious as Sarah and seems to give it all she's got, but I just don't think piles of black eye make-up and a tattoo are enough to characterise someone as on the edge. But you do get the sense that Affleck and Bullock are having heaps of fun playing opposites.

High on snappy dialogue, Forces of Nature is a character-driven film. Bullock and Affleck work well together. Their characters are a little more subdued and neither of them are quite Hepburn or Grant standard, but the film is still highly entertaining.

In Bringing Up Baby you just knew that David Huxley (Cary Grant) couldn't turn down the wacky Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn) to marry his stuffy fiancee Alice. It was a done deal as soon as she pinched his golf ball and stole his car. But in Forces of Nature, Ben's decision is not quite pre-ordained.

In what is really a light-hearted film, there is surprising emphasis on the importance of honesty and commitment. While opposites attract, they may not be all that healthy for each other. And strangely, for Hollywood, this film seems to be saying desire doesn't equal love.

Aimed at the female market, Forces of Nature is an amiable, easy to watch movie. But if you want to see the experts do it grab a copy of Bringing Up Baby.
Sarah Barnett

Notting Hill
Hello -- hit on your site for the first time today and it's worth the server cost just to have access to it!

I'm rarely in sympathy with movie reviewers, who're a pompous lot, mostly. (An exception is Sandra Hall). However, I was pleased to feel completely in sympathy with your reviewers of Notting Hill. No cynical bullshit about how improbable and silly it was at some level – fairy tales are always improbable and silly! I -- a rather jaded, 40-something divorced professional woman, was utterly delighted by Notting Hill -- "cerebral shortcomings" notwithstanding.

The timing and delivery of an excellent script by the entire cast -- who all felt three-dimensional, no matter how small the part -- was an enduring joy of this charming movie. I need to see it again to catch up with the bits I missed as the audience was laughing!

Now, One True Thing -- God, really. What crap. (Haven't read your reviews for that .. I just thought of it...)
Thanx for your site -- my newest bookmark.

Trisha Mitchell

I hope to see interviews with Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone regarding the SOUTH PARK movie, and an interview with one of the directing animators of Disney's TARZAN(Which looks simply wonderful. Its a pity Australia has to wait till September to see it.). Keep up the good work. Best regards,
Andrew Kieswetter.

I could find no theatre release dates for Perth of the movie "Wing Commander".Why? I have read a few American sites and it was released in march over there to mixed reviews. Do you know when it gets to Perth? Please reply :-)
Trevor Brock Evans

Louise replies: Wing Commander gets to Perth on September 23. If you are really keen, you can catch it in Melbourne or Brisbane on Sept 16.


Dear Andrew and Louise,
Monday night's screenings of 10 Things I Hate About You in over 100 cinemas across Australia was an incredible success. In many locations we had full houses and second cinemas had to be arranged to deal with the crowds.

But more than just attracting large numbers of people who really enjoyed the movie, it was also obvious that they were all delighted to be supporting Pat Rafter's CHERISH THE CHILDREN Foundation and this made it such a special event.

By supporting these screenings, you helped raise over SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS....$60,000.... which will make a real and significant contribution to children who really need help and who will benefit from these funds.

Pat and his family are absolutely thrilled with the response and asked that their thanks and appreciation be passed on to everyone that worked so hard to make it happen.

All of us at BVI ( Australia) also acknowledge your contribution and valuable assistance and are proud to have been part of an Australia wide team that supported this cause.
All my love and thanks,
Alan Finney
Managing Director
Buena Vista International

Congratulations on a great result –
Andrew & Louise

Hello -
Thanks for the excellent job you all do on the Cinefile site. I was hoping your movie minds will be able to answer and get back to me on the following question: Are Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2 still the biggest grossing films at the Australian box office ever? If not, what are? Your help with this query would be greatly appreciated,
Chelsea Mannix, Albert Park, Victoria

Louise replies: According to the MPDAA (Motion Picture Distributor's Association of Australia), the biggest grossing film to date is Titanic, followed by Crocodile Dundee 1, Babe, Jurassic Park, ET, Forrest Gump, Star Wars, Independence Day, Lion King and Mrs Doubtfire. Crocodile Dundee 2 is no longer in the top 10.

Lulu on the Bridge (by Paul Auster) was previously listed in the upcoming films section of the site as 'TBA' in June. It's now disappeared from all months. What's happened - is it no longer being released? Please tell me it isn't so ...
Bruce Copland

Louise replies: The release date for Lulu on the Bridge starring Harvey Keitel, Mira Sorvino, Willem Dafoe, Gina Gershon, Mandy Patinkin, Vanessa Redgrave has changed. While it is not definite, it looks as though it will be around October 1999.

Hi, The Australian has stopped listing the screening times at each cinema for each movie (perhaps because it stood out as the only unbiased factual piece of reporting therein, but more likely because it took space required by the execrable Foxtel). I miss this list terribly. I no longer know when or where to go to the movies.
Your website has splendid reviews, and is altogether a cheerful place to visit, but carrying such a listing would improve it. I suppose some secretarial time would be involved. I'd be willing to help with that in this State.
With my best wishes
Tim Durbridge, Kingswood, South Australia

Louise replies: In the left hand column of every review page, we link to SOFCOM movie session times, as a service to readers. If you click on this link, you will be guided to the cinema/s of your choice. (Thanks for the offer of help, though.)

I was wondering if you can help me. Will there be any events/openings that coinside with the release of Star Wars - The Phantom Menance in Sydney? I have two children six and four who would get a kick out of seeing characters from the film (and one forty something - I must admit that I would like to be there as well). I thought that there might be a special opening that will be open to the public that might occur during this week. Thanking you in advance for your reply.
Murray Walsh, Sydney

Andrew replies: Check newspapers but we only know of Wednesday midnight screenings (one minute past, actually) at Greater Union and Village cinemas, where customers and ushers will be wearing costumes of characters from Star Wars.

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