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Readers respond to Andrew L. Urban's COMMENTS on the question of a Republic and a Head of State:

I thought your views most interesting; it seems the whole thing is turning into a stupid disaster. Today I heard a poll that said only 9% of people want the queen as head of state, & lots of people I've talked to on the no side appear really bemused & seem to be voting no not out of any great conviction, but out of uncertainty.... and I work in a university!!!!
A referendum that asked "Do you want a rebublic ?" and we will decide the model over the next 2 years, or year or something, & then put several models up for debate and to be voted on would have been the way to go. I don't think I can see any good coming out whatever way the vote goes, but I think if "no" gets up the prognosis is worse.
Enjoyed having a say - and looking forward to some more Front Ups.
Sherry Dzonsons, Adelaide

Unfortunately, you have fallen into the trap of ignorance that has caught so many Australians during this campaign. If we proceed with the "ideal" of a popularly elected, American-style President with powers over that of the current Prime Minister, we need to replace our entire system of Government and Jurisprudence, as we currently operate under the Westminster system. If you don't understand why this is a problem, you do not, in my view, have any right to comment publicly on this referendum!

We do not need or want the American style of election campaigns, where only those with the most money and powerful connections can afford to run a public campaign for the top job. The model that is being proposed allows us to retain our current system of government with minimal constitutional change, and still replace the anachronistic foreign head of state with an Australian. This person will have the same rights and powers as our current Governor General, and the rights and powers of our Prime Minister and Government will remain the same: that is, they, having been democractically elected by the people of Australia, will continue to govern and represent the people, as they were elected to do.

Let's stop all this deceitful confusion of the real issue: DO WE OR DO WE NOT WANT AN AUSTRALIAN AS HEAD OF STATE? If so (and why on earth not, if we are a proud and modern nation?!) then the model being proposed on Saturday is the safest, most tried and tested and, not unimportantly, most Australian style of change we could hope for. Let's show the world we're not divided by ignorance and American style hyperbole. Vote YES on the 6th of November - there is no other way forward.
Emma Dawson

Andrew says: I do not advocate a directly elected President. I do advocate a real President, not a figurehead. We don't need a figurehead - that's the job of monarchs. My reference to the American Presidency is in the context of its powers as Chief Executive of the USA.

Hear, hear! - to Emma Dawson's letter.
Linda Powell

What has the republic referendum got to do with film? I think the republic is an important issue and it is important to debate it but not on the Urban Cinefile page. Don't use this page as a forum for your political viewpoints.
Wayne Henry

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