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"I’m Fond, Very Fond … of Monty Norman’s James Bond Theme, in all its incarnations, arrangements and stylisations. Like the best work of Morricone and Mancini its appeal lies in the polar atmospheres and emotions it evokes: humour and violence, menace and romance, seduction and revenge. It is always fascinating to find out how each new Bond soundtrack exploits the familiar motifs and adds its own surprises. Not surprisingly, this one opens with a dramatic title track in the de rigueur style, and it’s Garbage… they perform it that is. I couldn’t rubbish the song, nor the performance, but while Garbage lead singer, Shirley Manson is fine chop as a pop starlet she ain’t no Shirley Bassey or Carly Simon. And despite an infectious chorus, David Arnold’s composition never soars like a Diamonds Are Forever nor displays the inventiveness of, say, Paul McCartney’s pseudo-reggae explorations in Live and Let Die – there is room for originality without shattering the mould. For the body of the soundtrack, Arnold uses the modern Bond feature of high tech wizardry as a cue for 90’s-style pop-dance arrangements; there’s a plethora of compressed and gated drum samples and touches of miscellaneous percussion for exotic colour. Natacha Atlas’ magnificent voice is given a brief license to trill on Welcome to Baku; and swirling strings against a metronomic bass on Going Down -- The Bunker suggests an appropriately menacing milieu. Otherwise it’s the lush and slinky jazz noodlings of Casino and the closing Only Myself to Blame (reminiscent of Sting’s Moon Over Bourbon Street) that provide the highlights. Overall, there IS enough to satisfy… but not to thrill."
Brad Green

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World is Not Enough

CLICK to hear Garbage with TWINE theme song. (Approx 10 minute download on dial-up.)


TITLE: The World is not Enough (007)
ID: 0881121612
COMPOSER: David Arnold
ARRANGER: David Arnold, Nicholas Dodd
PRODUCER: David Arnold
FEATURED ARTIST: Garbage, Scott Walker
TRACKS: 19 + interactive bonus track (US movie trailer)



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