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BOSWELL, KENT: Naked in New York

Young Australian filmmaker Kent Boswell, co-winner of arena's Graveyard Shift Award for Best Short B Film, with the grizzly comedy, Bondi Hophead Zombie Freakout, posed naked on the Brooklyn Bridge after completing his tenure at the New York Film Academy; we've been following his progress, and this is his last letter from New York.

Dear Andrew,
Well, unfortunately the New York Film Academy has come to a grinding halt. After eight of the most intensive and gruelling weeks of my life, it's all over. But without a doubt, coming here to New York to study at the Academy has been an experience of a lifetime, to say the least.

"so much to offer"

To study anything here in New York is great, but to study film is the ultimate. This place has so much to offer for student filmmakers. I've learnt so much here, I can't even begin to describe it. And at the same time I've made so many friends with people from all over the world, and become best friends with all the guys in my crew.

We had our final screening a couple of weeks ago here at the cinema inside the Academy. It was an incredible feeling to see for the first time your film projected up on the big screen, in front of a live audience. A couple of weeks before our final screening. We (my crew) all got together to plan a way to make ourselves stand out, and grab everyone's attention straight away.

We came up with "Over Exposed Productions" which works perfectly in conjunction with the PR photo of us all standing completely naked on The Brooklyn Bridge.

From left to right in the photo is Doug Elford-Argent (Bristol, UK), Kent Boswell (Sydney, Australia), Aaron Walker (Kansas, USA) and Jon Soileau (Florida, USA).

On the morning of the final screening (Thursday, December 2) we went to the Academy at 5.00 in the morning and hung up 300 posters that we had made - they were everywhere, and I mean everywhere, inviting anyone to come to the 'Worldwide Premiere' of our films. The posters also included the photo of us all standing on The Brooklyn Bridge.

We also snuck into the cinema that morning and put a nicely folded poster on every seat. So later that night when all the invited guests arrived for the final screening, a poster was waiting for them on their seat.

"response... amazing"

The response that we received back from making these posters was amazing. We got everyone's attention, and most importantly we got everyone excited and interested in our films.

As it ticked on towards 6.30pm that night, the nerves started to really kick in. But once the lights dimmed in the cinema, and a hush went over the audience, they disappeared very quickly. I sat up the back of the cinema, so I could watch the reactions of the audience watching my film. It was an awesome feeling to see everyone enjoying my film!!!!!

I'll be in London next week. And I'm planning on staying there for the next couple of years. I've made some excellent contacts within the film industry over there, through people I've met here in New York.

So the plan for me now, is to get some experience within the UK film industry, on set of some feature films. And then come back to Australia in 2001 and continue making films. I'll keep you posted on everything that's happening over in the UK.
Kent Boswell

December, 1999

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...nude in New York..

Bondi Hophead Zombie Freakout was made by a team that included Boswell, Tim Bullock, Noah Regan and Jim Godfrey.

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