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Thanks for providing the e-mail address of the Office of Film & Literature Classification - it probably wouldn't have occurred to me otherwise that I could make myself heard (let's hope, anyway). I'm hoping that as many people as possible - and not just those visiting the site - are doing likewise. Here's looking forward to a sane review of the decision. Keep up the good work.
David Burton

The heart of how men and women relate to each other can be drawn back to the bedroom. If we can't get past expressing what goes on in the bedroom, then it will forever hold back any evolution of how we relate to each other.
Anthony Cassidy

From what I have read of the film's content it should remain banned. Pornography is not art and it is definitely not an acceptable medium. From reading the other readers' responses it seems that most people are irate at the fact that someone else made a decision on their behalf. Well, in our desensitized culture that may not be such a bad idea considering the swing away from moral standards and our society's inability to distinguish wrong from right. I must be one of the "ignorant ones" seeing as I choose not to destroy my mind or my marriage with the "evil" of pornography. I'm thankful that the committee [OFLC], in this case, chose to make a right decision. Finally, just remember that children have boundaries placed for their protection not their deprivation. Maturity, not age, signals when one is able to make an equally mature decision. Australia needs to grow up.
Nick Brown, Darwin

Hi! I have just received my prize pack from the Entrapment competition. Let's just say I'm rapt and very happy. Thanks a million. Just one thing. When do I get the original Water Lilies by Monet? You are stealing it for me aren't you? Regards and thanks again,
Christina Bruce

Andrew replies: Uh, sorry to break the news, Christina, but Monet's Water Lilies which we had deftly stored away for you got…um, er…stolen….

Hi there, I really love your website. I just felt like blowing off steam about release dates; I'm totally peeved that we have to wait till the end of March to see Magnolia, I'm dying to see how Tom Cruise mixes it up with the Boogie Nights Team!! Oh well they say patience is a virtue, meanwhile keep up the great work. Thanks.
Kristine Upton

Note: Magnolia is now set to open March 9. They must have heard you and brought it forward!

Hi,Could you please tell me where I can find a listing of all feature film releases for 1999 (Australian release). I don't mind doing some digging but I can't find this info anywhere. Do you also know where I can find accurate history (on a weekly basis) of Box Office and Screenings for the above films. Thanks.
Peter Harriss

Louise replies: The month by month schedule is listed under U (upcoming film openings) in REVIEWS ARCHIVES. Happy digging! As for BOX OFFICE, our archives will also give you that, on a week by week basis. Go to and click on the drop down menu on the left, then select by date and then press the 'View Archive' button. You'll have to do your own addition, though! Re Screenings - not sure what you mean….maybe the box office will also give you that.

Dear Cine-folk
How fantastic is this? Santa just brought me a DVD player, and - just when I had given up on finding a 'Special Edition' that had anything remotely special about it, I come across your DVD review section...And now my life is complete. (Well, notwithstanding Spielberg neglecting to return my calls...) Your reviews are both informative and well targeted toward the Indie-filmmakers amongst us who yearn for the inside goss on...well, just about everything there is to know about the film we're watching. So thanks again Andrew, Louise and gang, keep up the great work! Kindest Regards
Brian M Logan
Director - Producer - Screenwriter

Andrew: We're thrilled to have been of service, Brian, and thanks for the note. Our DVD section is poised to grow alarmingly over the coming months - and there will be more DVDs to win, such as last week's competition for a copy of The Mummy (a terrific DVD with hours of extra behind the scenes stuff)
PS: Spielberg says he didn't get your message...

Hi Cinefiliacs, would you know anywhere I can get the video of Deepa Mehta's film Fire? I can't find it anywhere!
David Berg

Louise replies: Fire was released on video (rental) by Columbia TriStar's Triumph's label on April 7, 1998, but was never available to buy. Columbia TriStar does not have any stock, so this may be a difficult video to track. It may be a matter of trial and error; you may have to ring video stores and chains. But it is certainly worth the effort. (Deepa Mehta's second film in the trilogy Earth will be released later this year on video). Good luck! Any reader information welcome. Please write FIRE in subject field.

Me again… I was just reading your reviews of Holy Smoke, and I agree that the film was a bloody mess. Not sure Campion really thought what it was going to be. Kate Winslet is just stunning in it, which probably saves the movie. Just want to say though, that as a confessed India addict (travel, food, music, film, etc), the opening scenes probably captured the feel of India better than any film i have ever seen, Indian or otherwise. You could almost smell that amazing "incense and piss" fragrance!
David Berg

Ed: First it's on Fire, then Holy Smoke…is this serial Letter-ing?

Firstly, thanks for a providing a fantastic service in a brilliant website. One query: would it be possible to break the film review up into pars because it is quite difficult to read the one long block of text. Just wondering. Thanks again.
Maria Louise Tickle

Ed: We'll see how it looks. Have a look at the Stigmata reviews.

Hello, I have just joined your Movie Club, thank you for offering the service, it looks great. I am hoping you might be able to help me. I am from Perth and have lost touch with an old friend of mine, whom I am keen to contact again. His name is Paul McKay and I have been told that he was doing some of the casting for Moulin Rouge. I was wondering if you knew the name of the casting agency that did this. This way I can contact them and hopefully get Paul. EMAIL
Thank you in anticipation.
Kerri Hilton

A hearty welcome and thank you to Brad Green for his REVIEW of the (Tribe) Australian All Shorts Video. I could not agree more with his comments, especially about the 'extended low point' on the tape of Testament.

The film was perhaps NOT the greatest production ever to be made on.....you guessed it $500. The 4th generation dump that finally made it onto the tape probably didn't help matters either, but I suppose that is to be expected? I do happen to know that this little story was in fact not based on Rienfields Celestine Prophecy - the writer of Testament has not even read the book, nor really does he know much about it - it does not surprise me though that an idea such as the one presented in the film has probably been thought of in one way or another somewhere else....but the film maker was not aware of any such publication and did in fact think up the whole thing on his own.

I am not defending the film, although I thought it was a good little effort (just to finish) if you knew the situations in which it was created...which no one would so that's okay. I liked Rachael Griffiths piece too, and wish I had her team and budget for my next project - but more power to you Mr. Green who has the amazing ability to spot plagiarism where it doesn't exist.
Oh, and Newsreel was directed by Lindsay Adams not Che' Baker; a mistake of Tribe's.
Anyway, keep up the good page and thanks for the review....I will frame it on my wall when that next blockbuster comes in.
Che' Baker,

Brad Green replies: I admire the intrepid spirit required to produce a film for $500. I also admire the dedication -- and skill -- required to complete such an undertaking (whatever the value of the finished product). Further, I admire the initiative of Tribe Enterprises, which has provided national distribution for such productions.

But the reverse side to major distribution is that big budget, low budget, or no budget, a film must stand on its artistic and entertainment merits alone. Spellbinding visual effects are impossibilities for the fund-challenged but there are other, more subtle, creative forces that can be deployed.

Perhaps it is worth noting that, despite Rachel Griffiths' superior resources, her film is just over half the length of Testament. Was 26 minutes really a good idea on $500? Of course, I retract "a steal" and substitute "a paean to unoriginality"; a fresh and riveting concept is surely a prerequisite on such a budget. I look forward to future Che Baker "blockbusters" and hope you leave room on your wall for any Brad Green-penned encomiums they may inspire.

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