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"Lying on my bed bawling my eyes out, and I was supposed to get on a plane the next morning to Sydney and do this audition and be funny.."  -Guy Pearce before his audition for Dating the Enemy
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Young Ronna (Sarah Polley), a checkout chick in Los Angeles, is about to be evicted from her apartment. To make some extra money she works an extra shift for Simon (Desmond Askew), a wired-up Brit who's going to Vegas for a wild weekend with his mates. Simon is the regular drug contact for Adam and Zack (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr) who, in Simon's absence, approach Ronna about scoring 20 hits of ecstacy. With the help of friend and co-worker Claire (Katie Holmes) Ronna visits Simon's supplier Todd (Timothy Olyphant) with the intention of making her finances even more secure. What Ronna doesn't know is that Simon and Zack are soap-opera actors working on a real undercover sting with cop Burke (William Fichtner). Events veer out of control with Simon's dangerous adventures in Vegas intersecting with Ronna's hair-raising night in L.A.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
Go has the sort of zing that makes most Hollywood studio films seem like sausages - from the same brand of sausage machine, all neatly packaged and production designed into a bland homogeneity. Go is cool, it's hip, it's worldly wise, it's dark, it's musically sweet (in the sense of youth jargon) and it's also smartly funny but never condescends to its audience - and above all, it's forever surprising. The surprises come in all forms, from character revelations to story telling structure to plot. Our synopsis is deliberately minimalist and even dull (by comparison with the film), because this is the sort of movie we think you should experience as fresh as possible, except to know that it's not recommended for moral conservatives, with its frank depiction of life in the roaring 20s - that's youth, not the era. There are many 'moments' in the film - a collection that reflects the ideas and innovations that bubble out of writer John August and director Doug Liman, who also shot the film, fusing his eye to his cortex in a bravado movie that goes places and drags us, willingly, along.

Special Features reviewed by Louise Keller:
Plenty of DVD features and extras, great quality and a top movie make this a great investment. Director/cinematographer Doug Liman and editor Stephen Mirrione chat entertainingly in the audio commentary when we learn all kinds of insights into the making of the film. I was amused to learn how they carefully researched locations to find the perfect supermarket, paid the fee and returned a week before shooting only to find some dramatic changes. The supermarket owners spent their fee totally repainting and revamping it –so they had to paint again to make it look as it did before. Good intentions…. Interesting to hear how Liman approaches his work in his duel capacity. They talk about the raw energy of the cast and how they obtained the best results. There are eight deleted scenes, an excellent behind the scenes featurette, three music videos, trailer and a menu that is pretty user friendly. All in all, it's go go go...

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CAST: Sarah Polley, Desmond Askew, Katie Holmes, Scott Wolf, Jay Mohr

DIRECTOR: Doug Liman


DISTRIBUTOR: Columbia Tristar

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