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Seemingly, The Wog Boy soundtrack has been compiled as an upbeat, unpretentious accompaniment to an upbeat, unpretentious movie. It is. It’s also astonishingly uninspiring. The first track is a Deni Hines reworking of Grace Jones’s Pull Up to the Bumper; and it sounds like a car commercial. Hines has vocal chords of impeccable pedigree but they’re put to a meagre challenge here. Indeed, I’ll be surprised if this dance ditty doesn’t end up Gracing an ad for one of those pastel coloured sports coupes with a chic chick at the wheel honking at horny hunks. The whole soundtrack, in fact, comes across like an extended jingle, with formula computer sequenced arrangements of the club-pop "variety" (ahem… club-pop uniformity) underscoring slick but insipid performances that reek of a corporate average session sound. This is the sonic equivalent of colour by numbers: four- on-the-floor kick drum, tizzy snare sample on the back beat, open hi-hat on the upbeats, gooey synth samples with all the verve of pre-packaged, microwaved moussaka and technically proficient vocals totally bereft of character. Ironically, the best track, Born to be Alive, really has been utilised in a recent ad campaign (those marvellous beer commercials starring The Castle’s Michael Caton). But another disco classic, the BeeGees’ You Should Be Dancing, has all the life sucked out of it in a trite club-mix reworking. Admittedly, the diva-esq vocals of Vanessa Amorosi really do gleam on Shine, and I thought I caught some interesting use of a bouzouki around track 12, but by that time it may have just been an Hellenic haze seeping through the sonic stupor. I believe that the correct Wog-speak for anything excellent, colourful and compelling is "Sick". This soundtrack is beyond such ailments; it’s deathly dull.
Brad Green

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TITLE: The Wog Boy (original motion picture soundtrack)

ID: MUSH332692
Mushroom Records

EXEC. PRODUCER: Nick Giannopoulos

FEATURED ARTISTS: Deni Hines, Ilanda and Joanne BZ, Redzone, Vanessa Amorosi, Jimmy Christo, The Lords of Acid, Blockstar, Patrick Hernandez, Sonic Animation, The Mavis’s, Cezary Skubiszewski, Planet J



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