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Double Jeopardy was a not-bad movie I thought, but there was one scene which really
grabbed my attention. That was the scene showing the outside of a house in San Francisco. Parked right outside that house was a dark-green VW Beetle. San Francisco - VW Beetle - DARK GREEN!!! Surely this couldn't be the same dark-green Beetle which was passed at least
4 times by Steve McQueen in the immortal chase sequence in Bullitt??? Or is it a directorial in-joke by Bruce Beresford? Or is it just a serendipitous coincidence?
I await your verdict.

Geoff Walker

And Bruce's reply: Andrew - That VW stuff is too esoteric. There was no reference to any other film. Anyway, we filmed in Vancouver for Seattle, not San Francisco! I'm working like mad on a new film in Vienna.

I've become addicted to your site and the competitions - it's a break from work stresses and it's great to pick up free tickets to films that I may never have gone to otherwise. Thanks for the information, the reviews and the chance to take my wife out to the movies!
John Pearson

Ed: We're delighted to feed this habit . . .


Boys may not cry, but girls definately do. I cried myself all the way home after Hilary Swank's amazing performance. How disappointed am I that Australians have not embraced this film? I know it's a little too much to ask that you may have to treck all the way into the city (gasp - and catch public transport) instead of staying out in the suburbs and settling for some dodgy feel good film playing at your local cinema. Sometimes catching the bus is worth it. The little gold man obviously thought so.
Allison Moore

In your interview with Heath Ledger you mentioned that whilst filming The Patriot his adventures involved "...getting stitches in his little finger while firing a muscat." Could hardly be 'muscat', a friendly drop that wouldn't harm a soul. I imagine this is a lowly copy editor's hurried misspelling of 'muskrat', those pesky North American rodents, so it's hardly surprising that he got stitches - he's lucky he didn't get his finger taken right off! Of course, if you were meaning a 'musket' then it's a different matter...
Yours etc,

Chris Rodda

Ed: ahem . . .I'm afraid the lowly copy editor was none other than my pityful self, possibly in the later stage of an editing session that may have been aided for solace but impeded for quality control by some of that musket stuff . . . Thanks for your attention; it has now been corrected (and fires well).

My partner and I are thinking of buying a DVD player in the near future but there is one movie that we keep and eye out for - TOP GUN with Tom Cruise. I was wondering if you would be able to let me know if this movie is coming out or not but if it is could you please let me know when and where. Thank you for your help.
Kelly Melbourne

Ed: Don't have a release date for Top Gun, but suggest you keep an eye on the Australian DVD industry's co-operative WEBSITE for latest release info.


I work for the Cultural Affairs Unit of The Australian Commerce and Industry Office all the way over here in Taipei.

I have been approached by an impressive group of Taiwan film buffs who are organising their second international documentary film festival. In my hand I hold their 1998 Film Catalogue of over 100 pages of international film entries and a 40 page full colour follow up report. In them I notice a large participation from Russian Directors such as Andrie Osipov, Director of "Voices" and Marina Goldovskaya, Director of "Solovky Power" as well as many israeli films and of course the much talked about Taiwanese film makers. There are far too many to note here but I must say It is a huge selection of very interesting titles and origins.

But to my surprise there were only 3 films submitted from Australia. Suprizing considering the good reputation Australia holds for documentary. "Mary's Place" by Melissa Lee, "An Imaginary Life" by Don Featherstone and "Pyongyang Diaries" By Solrun Hoaas.

So this time the Director Jane Yu Hui-Chen has made the approach to me to see if we can encourage more participation from the big island down south. As a part time film maker my self I am most interested in seeing more participation from Australia.

With only one month untill entry deadline it has become urgent. Once again the Israeli films have flouded in. The Russians and Chinese are as strong as ever, but the Australian's remain a little laid back.

This festival also goes to allot of trouble to ensure that the films have an afterlife past the festival. They have arranged with a local TV station here to broadcast the best 20 documentaries submitted. They will print the full colour follow up report and maintain a WEB SITE (www.civilart.com.tw)
during and after the event with mpeg downloadable previews. And the prize money, well check this...

NT$ 300 000 (US$ 10,000) 1st prize
NT$ 100 000 (US$ 3,500) 2 x merit prizes.

NT$ 100 000 (US$ 3,500) 1st prize
NT$ 60 000 (US$ 2,000) 2 x merit prizes

It all seems too good, except that Australia is absent....

They are also looking for 3 classic Australian docos to put in their classic international doco section.....Suggestions please as I would hate to take responsibility for that. Could include in your suggestion info on how to get it to Taiwan. In the meantime please send me your fax numbers and I will fax you the entry form and other information that may be of interest.

I hope you guys like promoting Australian work around the world as much as I do. We have to work fast.

Leigh Blackall
Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Officer
Australian Commerce and Industry Office,
Taipei. Taiwan. ROC.
TEL: + 886-2-87254-115
FAX: + 886-2-2757-6054

First, about the Oscars: I was really hoping that Being John Malkovich would win Best Original Screenplay; never mind. I still can't believe that Blame Canada from the South Park movie was nominated for Best Song. Although You'll Be in My Heart is a fine song, I still think that When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 was more deserving of Best Song. I can't wait to see your review of The Iron Giant. Hopefully Roadshow will promote it a lot more than what WB did in the States (which led to its poor box office). From what I have read, it is a truly wonderful animated feature. One that both kids and adults will enjoy.
Best wishes,

Andrew Kieswetter, Adelaide

Ed: I don't think you'll be disappointed in our reviews (next week) of The Iron Giant; all three of us think it's great (Louise, Richard and me).

Toni Colette's performance in DIANA AND ME .... as did everyone's, leaves me speechless. But then so did "The Boys". The film has confirmed that my coffee table reading will continue as it has of late and tabloids, magazines and the like are most definitely banned. Butterflies wings and all that! There's an odd (Australiana) warmth about this movie, and a splash of forgiveness to balance it's consciousness. The hilarious Drag Princess, sweet Kylie, poor old Sir Bob Geldof and something that made me like every character in the movie (even the guy who got the mean shot of Kylie?). I'll never forget Jerry's cameo which would have to be a revelation to modern womanhood (well maybe not?).
This film is succulent - you can really get your teeth into it if you choose to. F**k the critics - that's what I think ! I'm just glad I saw it.

Ken Finlayson

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