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Letters to the Editor are welcome; they can be on any relevant subject (relevant meaning relevant to this zine) and preferably no more than 350 words. Please include your name and city where you live. The Editor has the right to edit. Wed like to hear your movie related stories, anecdotes and of course your opinions. Drop us a line to editor@urbancinefile.com.au


It has always been my dream to be an actor. But I also had a brain, so when I finished school, I asked many people within the industry the best way to approach such a career, and was widely advised that attending drama school was the best option; training for three years would get me the skills in all facets of performance and the prestige of a recognised school.
I have now been out of drama school for two and a half years, and have not worked. I was working before I went to school. The people who were once my colleagues have gathered a body of work whilst I was away, and are 'more experienced' and for the very rare theatre audition I do get, I am allowed to show my piece once before being ushered out the door. I am quite simply out of touch.

Sour grapes, I here you say; well, yes. I have always been encouraged by everybody, told to take the path of training, then you look at the likes of the STC and they are making stars out of 18 year olds, or raking in the bucks from ex Home and Away stars. The so called elite theatre industry is so hell bent on making money that it is turning to these individuals in the hope that they will bring in money, leaving those of us who have trained to fall away.
Rachael Blackman
WAAPA Graduate, Perth

I have been trying to hire/buy locally, 2 movies by German director Wim Wenders.
They are Wings of Desire (1987) and the sequel Faraway, So Close (1993).
So far, including my searches on the Web, have been unsuccessful. I have also checked with the major video chains, VideoEzy and Blockbuster.

I wonder if you would be able to indulge me as to -
1) The original Australian distributor(s) for these films.
2) A retailer(s) who may be able to supply, or at least source a supply
3) I would prefer the original German with English sub-titles in preference to any dubbed releases.
Thank you in anticipation of any assistance you may be able to provide.
Kind Regards,

Bruce Herford, Coffs Harbour

Louise replies: Both Wings of Desire and Faraway, So Close were released theatrically by Dendy. The two titles were originally available in a double pack, but according to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (who released them on video), the video rights are now with Queensland based Magna Pacific (Tel: 07 3267 1113). Business Development Manager Sue Spatny has advised that they will not be receiving details of their new catalogue for another month, but you can email her on sue@magnapacific.com.au & she will let you know availability in due course, or you can check out their website at www.magnapacific.com.au. Both titles are available to rent from Video Drama (Tel: 02 9331 3158) videos@videodrama.com. They are located at 90 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, but only rent to locals. Good luck!

I've been an Urban Cinefile visitor for quite some time now. I sometimes forget to tell everyone about you guys - and was wondering whether there are any Urban Cinefile T-shirts that could help me spread the good word?
Anthony, US

Andrew replies: We don't - yet. But we'll get onto it. What size are you? By the way, interesting sites you've got there...

I was just wondering if per chance the wonderful people at Urban Cinefile would happen to know the release dates for THE CROW-SALVATION. Local cinemas claim no knowledge of this movie at all (although this doesn't surprise me). I know the soundtrack is already out, and though you may know something we don't. Thanks for all your help, and keep up the great website and newsletter.

Louise replies: Also known as Crow 3, I'm afraid release date hasn't as yet been set in Australia. At present it isn't on the slate for the rest of 2000, but of course this could change.


Just wanted to let you know I am really impressed with your site because of your well-balanced movie reviews, interviews, and DVD and soundtrack reviews. I recently bought a DVD player and like to know what the film transfer is like on some DVDs. It's exciting that some great classics are starting to hit Australian shore such as Vertigo (Collector's Edition), Casablanca, Jason & The Argonaughts (which I intend to purchase tomorrow). Rumour has it that there will be a new version of the Right Stuff on a single sided disk. I hope this rumour is true as I like this movie, and prefer to have a single sided disc than a flipper. October Sky looks a really nice movie too. I might buy it on Friday as well.
Peter Longworth, Newcastle

We Say: Thanks for your comments and have asked Warner Home Video if a new version of The Right Stuff is imminent. Look out for our Casablanca review next week.

Well, what a wonderful surprise. Somehow I've stumbled on your site. The reviews are just great, what really floored me was to see the Front Up man doing the reviews.
Andrew L .Urban must have the best job in the world.

Joe Gellatly
PS what does the L stand for?
Needless to say the page is now bookmarked.

Andrew replies: Glad you found us. L stands for Lajos (roughly Luis) after my maternal grandfather.

I maybe able to help Stuart out with his quest for the Hungry hungry hippos' board game. I have FOUR working hippos on my old game!!!! I am based in Adelaide as well. Feel free to forward this email on to him...
Melinda Standfield
Glenelg, SA

Cheers guys! Your wbsite just jumped to my number one fave!!!


Please put me on the list to receive your weekly newsletter. FYI, we are a production and distribution company in Canada - some of our upcoming releases are TWO HANDS, IN A SAVAGE LAND and PASSION. Your site's quite good, we go there regularly and find it informative, well laid out and fun. Keep up the good work.
Jim Murphy
Motion International
Toronto, Canada

Ed: You're on the list - and please note: WE don't blame Canada.

Congratulations on your fabulous site, I look forward to receiving [the Movie Club Newsletter] every Wednesday afternoon. Is anyone there able to help me get my hands on soundtracks to two recent movies, Twin Falls Idaho and Girl On a Bridge? I have tried every shop and Internet site around to no avail, you are my last resort.
Thanks in advance

Matt Smith

Louise replies: New Vision Film Distributors has advised that there was no soundtrack released for Girl on a Bridge, but they had many enquiries; Columbia TriStar advised that there is no music distributor for Twin Falls Idaho in Australia. A US supplier of soundtracks online would probably be your best bet. Good luck.

I'm after a second-hand 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' board game. If anyone has one or knows of someone who has one please email me. Will pay average sums of money!! (Note: Must have most balls and at least 3 working hippos!!!!!)
Stuart Finlay, South Australia

Ed: If you have one, email us here and we'll pass it on to Stuart - no commission taken :)

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