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"I didn't have much of a relationship with Shakespeare, to tell you the truth - "  -Jessica Lange (after making Shakepeare's Titus)
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"There is a seemingly inexorable tide of Latin music flooding the charts at the moment. From the pop posturing of Ricky Martin to the ageless brilliance of Santana, the vibrant rhythms and melodies of Spanish heritage reign supreme.

Is this a good trend? No, its a great one. The music is feisty and sophisticated beyond the blues cliches and basic backbeats of the formulaic pop/dance numbers whose hegemony long seemed unchallengeable.

But there is a tendency for its popular representation to have a uniformity of its own. Which is what makes this soundtrack so refreshing. Instead of percussion-laden rhythms accented with dramatic stabs from a burgeoning horn section, it showcases the subtle side of Spanish.

A haunting trumpet plays long, sustained notes of mood-enhancing harmony over a beautifully cultivated bed of strings, while ornamental flute, guitar and piano flicker in between. It is a delicate ambience that occasionally intensifies in drama with staccato string pulses and syncopated drumming underpinning short, poignant melodies. These phrases often flutter and scatter like a disturbed flock of seagulls only to regather and soar in a new direction.

I love the production on this soundtrack: the stings are lush; the guitars and accordions are recorded up close and tactile; and the drums have just the right balance of ambience and punch. Most impressively, the piano is bright but never harsh perfect for the evocative single-note phrases (played by Iglesias himself) that vary between closely clustered intervals and extravagant multi-octave leaps.

This soundtrack is too moody and introspective to be entertaining in the same way that a score brimming with big brash themes might be. But it is clever, classy and atmospheric to a degree that makes it utterly compelling nonetheless."
Brad Green

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TITLE: Todo Sobre Mimadre (All About My Mother)

ID: 676-2082 Universal

COMPOSER: Alberto Iglesias

PRODUCER: Lucio Godoy

FEATURED PERFORMERS: Enrique Perez, Patxi Urtegui, Fernando Egozcue, Patrick Gorager, Paco Bastante, Afredo Anaya, Alberto Iglesias, Manuel Tobar


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