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Andrew L. Urban's 8th series of Front Up for SBS TV begins production on July 27 in Alice Springs, then Darwin (July 28 - 30) and Cairns (July 31 - Aug 2) - and Urban says he welcomes people approaching him in the street to be interviewed for the show. The series will go to air from January 2, 2001.

Front Up, to air Tuesday nights at 7.30pm, was conceived by Urban "as a simple way of reflecting society, by inviting people to talk about themselves on television, who were not selling or promoting anything, nor had claim to some celebrity status."

Urban originally discussed the idea for the show with SBS TV Executive Producer, Margaret Pomeranz, who is also EP (and presenter) of The Movie Show. "It was because we both wrote about film that I knew Margaret and she was about the ONLY tv producer I knew at the time. Certainly the only one I trusted with this crazy little plan," says Urban. "I expected to be laughed out of the coffee shop, when I explained very clumsily what I wanted to do: walk up to people at random and start chatting about their lives. In fact, I think she ended up paying for the coffee."

Urban also pays tribute to Andy Lloyd James, who was then Head of Television at SBS. (He is a recent victim of the new ABC boss' Senior Executive Massacre Plan.) "Andy went for this idea and I doubt that many other senior tv executives would have been as brave," comments Urban. "It's easy to say, now that the show has proven its popularity, that it was a good decision. It was somewhat less obvious before we started shooting."

This series is again shot by cameraman Greg Kay (with assistant Ben Hooft), and produced by Brendan Walls, who produced series 7. Production Manager is Electra Manikakis (nicknamed Goddess by Urban).

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Andrew at work on Front Up

We found this next to the Front Up shot but Andrew says it isn't him.

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