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"I found that prickly stuff above somebody's lip is what women are up against"  -Tom Selleck on that kiss with Kevin Kline in In & Out
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Architect Oscar Novak (Matthew Perry) and partner Peter Steinberg (Oliver Platt) have the business opportunity of their careers. All they have to do is convince mega tycoon Charles Newman (Dylan McDermott) that their model for his new multi-million dollar cultural centre is superior to that of their underhanded rivals Decker and Strauss. All seems to be going well until the jealous Charles instructs Oscar to spy on his mistress, glass blower Amy (Neve Campbell) to ensure her faithfulness. After all, Oscar's a safe bet because he's gay right? Wrong. It's Peter who's gay and Oscar is forced to play the part in order to land the job. But what of his increasing desire for Amy?

"A good looking, trio: the boss, his mistress and the sucker. Get the idea? Three to Tango is a bright and colourful improbable romantic comedy with a likeable cast. A guaranteed trip to escape-ville, there's plenty of romantic nonsense and none of it is taken seriously. In fact, the very first striking aerial shot, heralds a tale that's somewhat over the top. I especially like the inventive opening credits that use silhouettes and musical instruments. Matthew Perry (with the boofy hair-style) plays goofy, Neve Campbell is a no-nonsense cool and sassy heroine and Oliver Platt steals many scenes with his offbeat humour. Dylan McDermott's character could have been less stereotyped and dull, but it's relatively easy to forgive some of the film's flaws. Besides, the camera loves Campbell, who pouts and struts about in tight, low-cut tops and oozes charisma. Straight guy falls for mistress, who falls for him, but thinks he's gay. It's full of saccharine and stereotypes, but if it's light-weight escapism you're looking for, this will keep you grinning and you certainly don't have to concentrate very hard. It may not have the poignancy of The Object of My Affection, but it's spirited and amusing, making fun Sunday afternoon viewing. On DVD, the picture quality on widescreen is superb, and Graeme Revell's great jazz soundtrack is a treat in booming surround sound. DVD extras include cast and crew information plus production notes and director's biography. Navigation is simple and it's easy to select from the 30 chapters. "
Louise Keller


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CAST: Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott

DIRECTOR: Damon Santostefano

RUNNING TIME: 95 minutes

RRP: $34.95

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: June 6, 2000

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