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"I'm now turning my back to this gorilla that's going to rip my head off my shoulders any fucking second"  -Bryan Brown recalling a moment in the making of Gorillas in the Mist
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While the Japanime festival that screened in Sydney at the Dendy was excellent, it’s a pity that Hiyao Miyazaki's one absent feature Laputa ; Castle In The Sky (based loosely on Gulliver's Travels and brilliant by all accounts) was not screened. Also, it would have been good to have screened episodes of classic anime shows like Dr.Slump (a truly insane show, best described as Astro Boy meets South Park) and the original Dragonball series (more humor-orientated than its successor Dragonball Z).

Finally, I'm surprised that in Warner's Maverick Directors video series there are no films by that great Hollywood maverick Robert Altman. Warner Home Video has the rights to some of Altman's films like Mccabe And Mrs.Miller, Thieves Like Us, Brewster McCloud And The Long Goodbye. I really hope Warner will consider releasing some of Altman's films on sell-through soon.
Andrew Kieswetter, Adelaide

We asked readers to comment on Chopper, starring Eric Bana as the real life Mark Chopper Read. Some of the comments:-

1. Chopper, quite a distinct, brutally original film. What I found interesting is that it is like a character study. Like a human behavioral case study. Probably the best Australian film since Romper Stomper. I can't think of any other Australian film since then that has been so damn good. Dialogue in the script is called for, like everything that is said has a reason, strong acting from Bana and supporting actors. Also of a worthy note is how the soundtrack is not splashed all over the film as you get with most films. Sterlingly directed with imaginative shots throughout like the introduction which sets the tone of the film. Silently powerful.
Grant Campbell

2. I went to see the movie (Chopper) in Melbourne on the 4th of August; I must say I rarely go to the cinema, but I grew up in Melbourne in Broadmeadows, and knocked around in similar company. You captured the era and reality as I have not witnessed before. I laughed from the start to the finish, you did a first class job.
Colin Riddell

Ed: Colin is referring to the filmmakers, of course, not to us here at Urban Cinefile.

3. I am a 35yo male and went and saw Chopper. I think it is one of the best films I have ever seen and I've seen a lot of movies. The portrayal of Chopper by Eric Bana is just about the best performance I've ever seen in a film. I think he should win the award for best actor. I was absolutely mesmerized by the film and I've seen it 3 times already. It is definitely one of my top 5 films of all time. Good onya Eric and the crew, you deserve medals for this one. Brilliant Film... you can E-mail me at: Terence_of_Oz@yahoo.com.au
Terry L
PS. you might think this is crazy but I've got Chopper wallpaper on my computer.... lol!

Dear Urban Cinefile,
Can you please give me the Australian release dates for The Nutty Professor 2 and Don Bluth's Titan A.E. ?

Andrew Kieswetter, Adelaide

Louise replies: Klumps (aka Nutty Professor 2) opens December 14 and Titan A.E. opens January 4.


I don't get it - why do film critics always write films off as sentimental or maudlin - I don't understand why having a good cry or being sentimental is bad - I like films that have the power to affect me, whether happy or sad.
Just a thought

Lyndon Smith

Andrew L. Urban replies: It’s not ‘sentiment’ we criticise – it’s ‘sentimentality’ where feelings are displayed as ‘weakly emotional’. We all like films that move us emotionally: the difference is ‘showing sentimentality’ instead of containing sentiment.

Two years ago I took a trip to Australia and on the plane I saw a film called Amy, about a little girl who is mute. Since arriving back in England I have not been able to find or purchase this film on video. I would be grateful if you could give me any information on how to purchase this film, whether it be in England or Australia through the internet or post.
Thank you,

Natalie Parker

Louise replies: We have made enquiries through Roadshow Entertainment who released the video for rental, but it has not been released for sale. I have been unable to find out who is the UK distributor. It is available, however, to rent in Australia. You may be able to find out more, if you contact David Parker (Cascade Films) - producer, writer, cinematographer. info@cascade.com.au Good luck.

Hi, I was wondering if I could get a copy of the interview you did with Philip Noyce on 18.11.99. It would be great if you accomodate this sort of request on your website. Thanks, it's a great site

Anne Harry

Louise replies: Thanks for your comments. We do have a search function, which you can access from any page, but click HERE for the interview. We did a live CHAT in November 99 that may interest you, and you may be interested also to read the interview for THE SAINT


I have only recently discovered your site. As film booker for the Launceston Film Society, it is invaluable. Our film society is able to show recent and current films, but we avoid what the commercial cinemas show. You site has the technical details we need, and for me, the name of the distributors. I particularly like your short synopsis and review style.
I used to look at the Australian, but now I don't go there and have your site as my bookmark.
Thank you for a great job well done.

Peter Gillard, Launceston

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