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"I haven't seen the movie; I haven't even read the book, but American Psycho's reputation precedes it. Having listened to the soundtrack, I now understand what all the controversy has been about. Obviously the eponymous psycho tortures his victims by making them listen to this steaming pile of aural ordure before putting them out of their misery. What depravity!

First off the rank - and rank it is - is an industrial trash version of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record). Already one of the most inane dance-pop ditties ever written (quite an achievement considering the competition), the aptly named Dope has managed to raise its ghastliness to a new level. There's an old adage in music production circles that "you can't polish a turd"; one assumes you can't make it any less appealing either, but Dope does.

Can we go downhill from here? Thankfully, no. But the disappointment is greater. "There's Something in the Air" rasps David Bowie, and that "something" is the stench of decaying creativity. Lots of meandering string pads and ambient piano noodling are as palatable as anything else here, but who would have thought the erstwhile Ziggy Stardust could be this dull? How sad. Is this really the same innovator who gave us Ashes to Ashes and Young Americans?

But if Bowie's effort grates because we expect more, the contributions of Daniel Ash, Tom Tom Club and Information Society are simply disasters in their own right. Plastic sounds, monotonous beats and appalling vocals, you couldn't really ask for less.

New Order's tuneful True Faith and M/A/R/R/S's Pump Up the Volume (a one hit wonder personified) do provide some respite. In fact, having recently viewed Better Living Through Circuitry (about the electronic dance/rave industry), these excellent 80s' efforts, suggest a lot more potential for the genre than has actually been realised.

But they're not enough to ease the overall pain. I'm no wowser but I'm joining the call for censorship on this one. Lopping off ears is one thing, subjecting them to this level of sonic torture is another. Oh, the humanity!"
Brad Green

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TITLE: American Psycho (music from the motion picture)

Koch Records

PRODUCER: Barry Cole

FEATURED ARTISTS: Dope, David Bowie, The Cure, New Order, Daniel Ash, Erik B & Rakim, Tom Tom Club, Information Society, M/A/R/R/S, The Racket


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