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GIGI (1958): DVD

Based on the novel by Colette, Gigi is the story of a young girl, Gigi, (Leslie Caron) who is reared by her grandmother and great aunt to follow family tradition by becoming a courtesan. The family is scandalised, however, when the handsome and eligible Gaston Lachaille (Louis Jordan) proposes marriage to her, under the watchful eye of his uncle Honore (Maurice Chevalier).

"Fall in love all over again with gamin beauty Leslie Caron, debonair Louis Jourdan and the urbane Maurice Chevalier in Gigi, a delightful classic romance from the Golden Years of Hollywood, looking stunning on DVD. Watching the original theatrical trailer takes us back to 1958, when we are told that here is 'the fair lady of filmdom'.

Glorious on widescreen with the memorable music of Lerner & Loewe, thank heaven for Maurice Chevalier, who has been doing an admirable PR campaign for Frenchmen for all these years. Thank Heaven for Little Girls, Gigi, I Remember It Well and The Night They Invented Champagne are just a few of the songs that you'll be humming for the next few weeks. Based on the novel by Colette, Gigi is an uplifting tale of youth, dreams and love. The opening scene in front of the Bois de Boulogne, when Chevalier tells us he was born - ah huh huh - not lately; his profession is - lover… of beautiful things - not antiques, but definitely those much younger. And married? What for?

The picture and sound quality are top notch and you can listen with soundtracks in French, Italian and English plus a host of subtitles. Gigi has a contagious energy and with its rich production design and delightful characters, draws you into its world. It is one of those wonderful films that you will want to keep forever. It warrants unlimited viewing, and is deserving of a whole new audience with every generation."
Louise Keller


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GIGI (1958) (G)

CAST: Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan, Hermione Gingold, Eva Gabor, Jacques Bergerac, Isabel Jeans

DIRECTOR: Vincente Minnelli

RUNNING TIME: 111 minutes

DVD RELEASE: July 14, 2000

DISTRIBUTOR: Warner Home Video

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