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17/8/2000: THE TALK IS GOOD

Strongly positive word of mouth has started to spread following the first invitation-only screening of Shirley Barrett’s new film, Walk the Talk, attended by filmmakers including Jane Campion, Chopper producer Al Clark, and Walk the Talk’s producer Jan Chapman, as well as a number of film critics, including Urban Cinefile’s editors.

Held late last week at the Director’s Suite at Hoyts Cinemas in the Fox Studios, the screening was the first in the lead-up to the film’s Australian release on November 2. Walk the Talk stars Salvatore Coco, Sacha Horler and Nikki Bennett and is set on the Gold Coast.

"Walk the Talk is a brilliant film," says Andrew L. Urban, "at once funny and poignant – it’s this year’s Muriel’s Wedding." And Louise Keller says "it’s the most enjoyable and accessible Australian film I've seen this year."

Barrett’s first film, Love Serenade(1995) [pic] won the Camera d’Or at Cannes (Best First Feature) but was a box office flop in Australia. It was on the strength of Love Serenade that DreamWorks offered to finance her next film, which turned out to be Walk the Talk.

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