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"One guy was shaking head looking pissed off. Another guy was quietly chuckling to himself - "  -Mike Figgis recalls pitching Time Code to Sony studio execs
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"With the sharpness of a psychopath’s knife, this CD cleaves neatly into two teen-oriented music styles. The ubiquitous (when it comes to the pop-charts) hip-hop, and the supposed "cred" of alternate rock.

Most of the hip-hop is inoffensive, if uninspiring; as slick as it is soporific. With two notable exceptions.

Public Enemy strut their poetic genius with What What, which not only features the repetitive refrain of their slyly tautologous title, but includes such subtle gems as "I’m gonna make it more better now". Brilliant. Yes, I am Joking, Joshing, Jesting.

And on the subject of "what". What the extensive list of graphic mutilations, which comprise the lyric to Lifelong’s I’m The Killer (Killer Rap), has to do with parody escapes me. Even assuming Alanis Morrisett’s extravagant understanding of "irony", I could only find one line with a hint of it: "I’m gonna cleave you girl/Treat you like slut/Mutilate your organs/And shove ‘em up your butt." Hilarious.

Backing up to the guitar-based alternate-rock that fills out the first half of the CD, I must admit that it contains two of the better tracks I’ve heard in a genre that generally has me reaching for the double-reinforced earmuffs. While Fountain of Wayne’s Too Cool For School and Save Ferris’s The Only Way To Be can’t be said to demonstrate that there’s more to playing a guitar than patching it through a quagmire of distortion and strumming a few basic chords, the fact that these songs feature singers who can hold a pitch, a couple of hummable melodies and even – shock, horror, this is truly Scary! – a hint of dynamic variety, suggests there may be some entertainment value to this genre beyond the joys of the mosh pit after all.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, Oleander, The Unband and, unfortunately, Australian success story Silverchair, turn up the volume and the bad taste to remind us that not everyone appreciates the difference between white noise and music."
Brad Green

(August 30, 2000)

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TITLE: Scary Movie (Music That Inspired The Soundtrack)

ID: TVT 6830-2

FEATURED ARTISTS: Fountains Of Wayne; The Bloodhound Gang; Radford; Save Ferris; Oleander; Silverchair; The Unband; Bender; Ramones; Royce The 5’9"; Tupac Shakur; Black Eyed Peas; Public Enemy; Rah Digga, Rampage and Rock; Lifelong


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