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What a wonderful moniker is Yahoo Serious! Judge and jester side by side; a man of lair and letters. Here, we find him, even in sound producer mode, demonstrating his keen sense of outlandish juxtaposition. Not only does he follow the dreamy poetry of Moon River with three minutes of horrendous thrash posing as a song (Kid Indestructible), but segues to it with the following excerpt of dialogue: "Prepare yourself, what we are about to witness may be too complex for the human mind to comprehend." You must be joking, Mr Serious! And no doubt he is.

But Moon River alone is not enough to carry this CD, nor is three minutes of trash enough to sink it.

Exploring either side of the lunar waterway, we find a collection of tunes cloaked heavily in chic. But a word of warning: if itís upliftment you seek, youíll almost certainly be left grounded. Iíve never heard so many tracks that start full of potential and go nowhere allegro non troppo.

Arrowís calypso groove opens the record with a pungently funky bass and guitar figure. The steam is rising, but evaporates upon reaching the gimmicky chorus: Hot, Hot, Hot; believe me, it Ainít Ainít Ainít.

The Cruel Sea continue the Caribbean influence with a hypnotic reggae pulse, Cubanismo and Luciano Alves dip their percussion in the exotic pond of world music and Luxedo delivers a barroom blues called Godfather of Cool. And indeed, this soundtrack offers a multiple serving of stylish riffs and rhythms marinated in cool. But itís still frustrating when so much fine musicianship is constantly coasting instead of craving.

Even the orchestral compositions of Nerida Tyson-Chew are pleasant rather than startling. These cues are performed by the Victorian Philharmonic and veer between mock comic operetta and lush ambience.

Thereís a lot of music to chill to on this CD; but little that sends chills up the spine.
Brad Green

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Hot Hot Hot - Arrow


TITLE: Mr Accident (a serious motion picture soundtrack)

ID: D32253
Serious Entertainment/Festival

FEATURED ARTISTS: Arrow, The Cruel Sea, Spiderbait, The Feeling Groovies, Godfather of Cool, Cubanismo! starring Jesus Alchemy, The Feeling Groovies, Mental As Anything, Luciano Alves, sonicanimation, Henry Mancini, 28 Days, Victorian Philharmonic

PRODUCER: Yahoo Serious


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