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"Yesterday I did interviews all day and one person after another came in and went, 'you looked horrible in this movie!' so that's daring "  -Helen Hunt doing media for Pay It Forward
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Thanks so much for making UC bi-weekly for the Olympic period. It would be cool if it was released that way regularly - reason being that I actually had time to read all the articles on the site for once, which isn't possible on a weekly basis. Too much to go through in 6 days. The majority of readers who say they do read everything in that period, would be lying. I would've offered this feedback earlier, but figured it would be ignored.

Tegan Philips

We invite readers to COMMENT on Tegan Philips' letter; are we giving you too much?

You are most definitely not giving us too much to read! One of the reasons that makes Urban Cinefile one of the best film sites on the net is because it displays such a variety of information - I begin reading through your site on a Wednesday and if I don't finish then I finish on a Thursday, and I do read everything. I encourage you to keep it an exciting weekly publication!
Jamie Bialkower

Dear Editor,
I was hoping that you might be able to clear this up for me. Neither Hoyts, Greater Union or the independent cinemas are due to show Titus. I check a few weeks back and it was scheduled, but no longer is. Do you know if Titus will be shown in Australia in the not-too-distant future?
Yours sincerely,

Erin O'Neill

Louise replies: Unfortunately, Titus is not showing in Canberra. Buena Vista International advises that the number of prints in Australia is limited. There are only three prints in Sydney and a similar number in Melbourne and other capital cities. It is possible that it may get a screening in Canberra in due course, but nothing has been planned. If you have the occasion to come to Sydney, it is showing at Dendy Opera Quays, Norton Street and the Academy Twin.

Hi, I was wondering if you knew when the movie Bait will be screening in Australia? thanks:?)

Louise replies: Bait, directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Jamie Foxx, David Morse, Doug Hutchison, Robert Pastorelli, Kimberly Elise is scheduled for March 15, 2001 at present.


Hi guys,
I have won quite a few movie passes and other prizes via your website and decided it was about time I said a big THANK YOU to you. I really do appreciate your website and use it as my favourite movie related site. I have downloaded reviews - tonight I downloaded The Virgin Suicide reviews as I am planning to see that next week.

This week I saw Big Momma's House (ho-hum!) and The Patriot - thanks to one of your previous competitions - a little late because nobody wanted to come with me because they all abhor war, but eventually I talked a friend into coming and everytime a bloody war scene came on she'd look away, so I'd keep reminding her they were after all only acting.

Next week I'm off to Shower (you guys again!) and The Virgin Suicides.

You have one of the greatest jobs in Australia as far as I'm concerned. I'm so jealous!!! Anyway, how about a feature on your favourite and least favourite fillums? All time or the year 2000, doesn't matter.

Perhaps one of my least favourites I've seen this year would be Hanging Up but then again I've only seen about 32 movies this year. Favourite would be a toss-up between American Beauty and Chopper. Can't split them. I really wished I had won the American Beauty comp. as I'm sure that is one video I could actually wear out from overuse!

Time is a-ticking. Must go. Thanks again for your site - keep up the good work you lucky critters.

Christina Bruce, Paradise, SA


Will the recent (USA)double DVD release of 'The Sound of Music' be released in Australia?
Henry Strzadala

Louise replies: Fox Home Entertainment is planning to release it next year in the first quarter. BMG is also looking to reproduce the soundtrack. M/small>

I noticed that in Louise Keller's DVD review of "The Cider House Rules" you stated that the film was MA rather than M, which was its official cinema rating. Is the DVD version rated MA and if so why is it different to the print we saw at the cinema?
Kind Regards,

Jamie Bialkower

Louise replies: M15+ is correct. For an answer to these queries about the different ratings on DVD release, see our NEWS story on the MIB release which will clarify how the ratings are different.

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