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A couple on the verge of divorce, TV weatherman Bill Harding (Bill Paxton) and his tornado-hunter wife, Jo Helen Hunt), are distracted by a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma. Even Billís girlfriend Melissa (Jami Gertz) joins in the scientific adventure of creating a new measuring device to implant into the heart of the twister.

"In the world of DVD, image and sound quality don't get much better than this. Twister is a virtually flawless transfer, with exceptional image clarity and a huge 5.1 channel soundtrack. This appears to have been the highest priority in the design and encoding process of this disc. That is, going for maximum picture and sound quality at the expense of extras. Apart from the menu and language options, a trailer and cast listing are the only extra features available. However, once you've experienced Twister in all its widescreen glory, you'll gladly forgive this omission. Twister has been transferred at an extremely high bit rate. The first hour or so stays at a solid 10 Mega bits per second (Mbps); the maximum possible bit rate. Even beyond the initial hour, the bit rate remains consistently high, dropping no lower than 8Mbps. Most other DVDs are transferred at a lower, more variable bit-rate, to make space for extras or to squeeze the movie onto one layer of the disc instead of two (for manufacturers this is a small money saver). In this welcome change, the manufacturers of Twister have used the abundance of storage space that DVD offers to its full potential. While the plot gets a little thin at times, the entertainment factor of Twister never dwindles. As well as the stunning visual effects and aerial cinematography, an equally impressive soundtrack accompanies Twister. You can almost feel the wind swirling around you, as though you're about to be engulfed by the tornado. This very powerful soundtrack will leave a big impression on even the most hardened audio enthusiast. If you're looking to show off your brand new DVD player to all your friends and family, this is definitely the disc to start off with. Only problem is, they'll all start unexpectedly visiting a little more often. So turn off the lights, turn up the volume and get blown away by Twister on DVD."
Ben Hooft

Publication date: September 28, 2000

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CAST: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, Cary Elwes


DVD RELEASE: June 1999, 2000

DISTRIBUTOR: Columbia Tristar

RUNNING TIME: 108 minutes


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