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Hi Louise, my name's Leon (+ a big fan of the site!)
Just wondering: for a while now I'd heard that the re-release of The Exorcist was October 26, 2000. Now I can't find a release date for it anywhere - is it still being re-released in Australia, and if so, do you know when? PS Where is the best site to find information like that? IMDb sometimes isn't accurate when it comes to Australian release dates...

Thanks - Leon Murray

Louise replies: The Exorcist Director's Cut reissue has been rescheduled for release on March 15. The best site for this info? The one of which you’re a big fan, of course!


I would just like to ask a question that has been on my mind as a movie buff, for quite some time. What has happened to Quentin Tarantino? Where is he? What is he doing? After such success during the mid nineties why is he keeping such a low profile these days. I believe Tarantino is a great talent. Someone who has been prepared to be innovative and daring.
What I like most about Tarantino is his genuine passion for movies - which is evidenced by his acknowledgement of greats such as Hitchcock. Tarantino is proud of the fact that he uses the brilliant techniques of people such as Hitchcock. We need more imput from this talented director. Any news on what he is up to?

M. Jones

Ed replies: Over to you, Mr Tarantino; please advise soonest. All we know is he’s been out of the director’s chair Since Jackie Brown, doing a spot of acting (a blind preacher, for example, in the comedy/horror, Little Nicky for director Steve Brill) and executive producing (From Dusk Dill Dan, episode 3Tha Hangman’s Daughter.)

I have managed to wangle 100 hands free kits for mobiles, and being the generous person that I am, I thought of you. The beauty of these kits is that they are compatible with any mobile phone and one size fits all. In exceptional circumstances I may be able to get hold of a larger version. If you are interested, let me know how many you want - they'd make brilliant Christmas presents..... remember they are suitable for everyone, incl. kids. Cost?.......... to you, nothing.... but please don't go telling everyone you know...... I've enclosed a photo for you to look at the product.
Robin Blong – just passing it on.

Ed: Thanks Robin, for alerting us to this opportunity!


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Magnolia/Chill Factor/Huricane prize pack I won. Getting the Hurricane on DVD has provided me the impetus to actually go out and buy a DVD player - something I have been putting off for ages! Plus, the opportunity to re-watch Magnolia has made me reassess my original hatred of the film. It ain't too bad now ;-)
Trevor Gensch, Brisbane


I use your site as a reputable source of movie release dates in Australia. I am surprised that in your list of upcoming films until the end of January, there is no mention of Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows' release date. It is relesed very very soon in the US (in October I suspect) and I will be incredibly surprised if this film doesn't make it to our screens rather soon after that. Especially considering the DVD controversy that happened with the first film.
Do you happen to know anything on this subject? May I ask you where you get your information from regarding release dates?

Benjamin Convey

Dear Benjamin
We get our information from the horse's mouth - the distributors themselves, who Louise rings at least once a week. Sometimes they make changes at the last minute, sometimes they don't tell anyone of their plans until the last minute, for commercial reasons. However, knowing how well she does this job and how everyone 'out there' uses our site for release date reference, I can confidently say that if it's not there it's not been announced or perhaps even decided. There is much angst and gnashing of teeth over release scheduling - for commercial reasons - so don't be surprised. Keep looking at our pages.

Andrew L. Urban, Editor

Louise says: The Australian distribution rights are still under negotiation. Once a distributor has been appointed, a release date will be announced and it will be listed in our upcoming films section.


Hello Urban Cinefile.
I have just read your review of "The Kid" and although I have not seen the film thought it necessary to point out (as the cinematographer field in the cast/crew list was left blank) that the cinematographer of "The Kid" was Peter Menzies Jnr. ACS. A fine Australian cinematographer having shot"White Sands", "The Getaway", "Die Hard with a Vengence", "A Time To Kill", "HardRain", "The Thirteenth Warrior" and is currently shooting the film version  of "Tomb Raider". Just in case you didn't know.

Keep up the excellent work on Urban Cinefile which I regard as the best source (Australian or Internationally) for film reviews. Thanks.
Griff Tapper

Many thanks for that - we'll attend to the correction straight away.

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