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Four of the five awards collected by Looking for Alibrandi were in the hands of women: producer, writer, lead actress and supporting actress; the fifth was for editing. But with Bootmen, which also won five awards, the gender share is reversed; four of the winners are men. The three big awards won by Chopper were all collected by men; director, lead actor and supporting actor, but Russian Doll’s writing award was shared between a man and a woman.

These gender insights are only of interest because in the international world of film, such equality of opportunity is rare. Hollywood has only a handful of women in positions of power, and women directors are outnumbered 20 to 1 (or more).

One reason – as put forward by noted director Jane Campion – is the AFTRS, Australia’s film school, which is gender-blind in its access policies. Similarly, Victoria’s own state film school offers women equal access.

In general terms, Australia’s independent filmmaking structure – a lack of studio-based power – encourages and includes women in all aspects of filmmaking.

Emirates AFI Award for Best Film - Producer, Robyn Kershaw
Fox Studios Australia AFI Award for Best Actress in Leading Role - Pia Miranda
Scape AFI Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Greta Scacchi
The Australian AFI Award for Best Adapted Screenplay - Melina Marchetta
Digital Pictures AFI Award for Best Editing - Martin Connor

Chopper, received three AFI Awards in the Best Actor, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor categories:

Showtime AFI Award for Best Actor - Eric Bana
NewVision Films AFI Award for Best Achievement in Direction - Andrew Dominik
Beyond Films AFI Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Simon Lyndon

Equalling Alibrandi with five Awards, toe-tapping Bootmen, excelled in the following production and technical categories:

CLEO AFI Award for Best Achievement in Costume Design - Tess Schofield
Panavision Australia AFI Award for Best Cinematography - Steve Mason
Soundfirm AFI Award for Best Sound - David Lee, Laurence Maddy, Andrew Plain, Ian McLoughlin
GMD AFI Award for Best Production Design - Murray Picknett
BOSE Award for Best Original Music Score - Cezary Skubiszewski

Russian Doll won the Currency Press AFI Award for Best Original Screenplay
(Stavros Kazantzidis and Allanah Zitersman).

American Beauty won the Atlab Australia AFI Award for Best Foreign Film
(Producers: Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks).

Kane Mc Nay won the SLATS AFI Young Actor's Award for his performance in the Cannes selected film, Mallboy.

Grass Roots dominated the AFI Awards for Television (which featured five new TV Awards), with "The Whole Year" episode winning four AFI Awards and a Best Guest Actress Award to Lois Ramsey for her performance in the episode '"Late September."

AFI Award for Best Episode in a TV Drama Series - Producer, John Eastway
Columbia Tristar Productions AFI Award for Best Screenplay Geoffrey Atherden
The Kirketon AFI Award for Best Direction in a TV Drama Series Peter Andrikidis
AFI Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Geoff Morrell
AFI Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role in a TV Drama (New Award) Lois Ramsey

All Saints, On the Beach, Something in the Air, Halifax f.p, Waiting at the Royal, Stingers and Eugenie Sandler P1. each garnered AFI Awards in the following categories:

Beyond Television AFI Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in a TV Drama
Anne Phelan, Something in the Air, Episode: "We Will Remember Them"

Prototype Casting AFI Award for Best Actor in a Telefeature or Mini Series(New Award)
Andy Anderson, Halifax f.p Episode: "A Person of Interest"

AFI Award for Best Actress in a Telefeature or Mini Series (New Award)
Noni Hazelhurst, Waiting at the Royal

AFI Award for Best Actor in a Guest Role in a TV Drama (New Award)
Chris Haywood, Stingers Episode: "Men in The Dark"

Avid Australia AFI Award for Best Episode in a TV Drama (long)
All Saints "Valley of the Shadow" Part One, Producer, Jo Porter

Holding Redlich AFI Award for Best Mini-series or Telefeature
On the Beach, Producers: John Edwards, Errol Sullivan, Jeff Hayes, Greg Coote

AAV Australia AFI Award for Best Children's TV Drama
Eugenie Sandler P.1 Episode 2, Producer: Margot McDonald

Complete Post AFI Award for Open Craft in Television (New Award)
On the Beach Sally Shepherd & Roger Ford for Set Design


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