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"It's plethora of puns time again. If Chicken Run's poultry in motion and the mouth-watering prospect of The Magic Pudding wasn't enough to stuff your stocking full of festive jeu d'esprit be prepared for a cornucopia of cute canine expressions with the release of Disney's sequel to 101 Dalmations.

No doubt some cynics will decry it all as Seasons Bleatings. The mongrels! If you fail to smile at a song-title like My Spot in The World check that The Grinch hasn't stolen your sense of humour. If you fail to warm to Lauren Christy's prettier-than-Christmas-lights vocals over gorgeously groomed piano and acoustic guitar check that Cruella DeVil hasn't stolen your ears as baubles for her Dalmatian-wear.

From fetching ballads to bitchin' funk and bitingly funny vaudeville there's enough entertainment value here to have you wolfing down this paragon of pooch tunes and begging for more. And indeed the Australian market has been thrown an extra bone in the guise of a bonus disc featuring the highest pedigree of local talent such as John Farnham and Mental As Anything.

JF may be the king of adult contemporary but it's easier to hush a puppy than temper his explosive vocals when he does let loose on a hard rock classic. His is the ultimate interpretation of It's A Long Way To The Top, and here he rips his fangs into the Led Zeppelin classic Black Dog - gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove?You bet your (doggie) biscuits.

A romantic melody is always a band's best friend and The Mentals do a fine version of Puppy Love, which gets an even silkier treatment from Myra on the main disc, where it joins another old canine classic, Bella Notte (from Lady And The Tramp), in providing contrast to the growling funk of Chaz Shepard's Digga Digga Dog and the James Brown-inspired brass of Cruella De Vil 2000.

Then there's a delightful litter of theatrical outings like What Can A Bird Do? and The Language Of Dogs to coat this collection of howling good tunes.

Call me a weak Wag of a cur's tail but I have to say it (for it's the Dog's honest truth): you'd be barking mad to miss out on this doggie treat."
Brad Green

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My Spot in the World - Lauren Christy
Cruella De Vil 2000 - Camara Kambon featuring Mark Campbell
Black Dog - John Farnham
TITLE: 102 Dalmations (music from and inspired by the film)

ID: 397603 332821

FEATURED ARTISTS: Oren Waters, Susanne Blakeslee, Jeff Bennett, Randy Crenshaw, Myra, Camara Kambon, Mark Campbell, Lauren Christy, Tony and Joe, Thunderpuss (featuring Jocelyn Enriquez), Nobody's Angel

FEATURED ARTISTS (bonus disc): John Farnham, Jo Beth Taylor, Merrill Bainbridge, Mental As Anything, Dr John


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