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Am hoping someone at Urban Cinefile can help. I'm trying to track down a movie filmed in Nepal called "Caravan" which was filmed by a French director and apparently is also known under a different name. I've been told it was nominated for an Oscar last year. I'm wondering if it has been released in Australia. Hoping you can help.

Allison Jones

Louise replies: Sandie Don from Dendy Films has advised that Caravan was released under the title Himalaya in all territories except US. These include France, UK, Italy and Australia, where it was released on December 26, 2000. The director is Eric Valli and when the film was nominated for an Academy Award, it was under the title 'Caravan'. Himalaya is still showing in most capital cities and will soon be seen regionally.

I have been hitting on you with relish for over two years now. I keep coming back because you are easy to look at, so easy to work with, provide professional but also personal comment, give credit where it is due even when you don't like the total package and you don't just offer one
person's perspective.
If there was one thing I would add would be a hot picks (pics) page. It would list Andrew's, Louise's and Richard's personal favourite currently showing films and maybe also a hidden gem and a film to avoid. It would also list whether the other reviews liked this film or not. Each film would be hotlinked to the review.
OK, so you may have philosophical objections to singling out particular movies. But sometimes I've just got to have a quick fix.

Clive Dale

Ed replies: We’ll see what we can do; stay tuned.


Winner of our Birthday Letters competition:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You guys are doing great!
Seriously, I fondly remember the first time I stumbled upon your site about 3 years ago. I was (and still am) a certified movie fanatic althoughI was quickly going bankrupt trying to keep up with the celebrity goss and interviews through the magazine syndicate (thanks, by the way to New Weekly, New Idea and Womans Day, if it weren’t for your wicked temptations I could have easily retired by now and be living a life of luxury)!

I happened upon your site by chance and fell in love with the movie reviews and interviews. I eagerly entered the weekly competition and was ecstatic when I won a movie pass!! I began visiting the site more and more regularly. I found your reviews to be excellent and the interviews, letters and news enough to give me my weekly gossip fix. Not only that but I felt like the luckiest person in the world when for 3 months straight I won something EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!

Quickly I became the ‘office know-all’ of movies and everyone planning on seeing a movie would consult me prior to making a choice of what they would see. I was highly regarded among my peers and praised when they started to visit your site. Soon they too were winning prizes and suddenly my luck had changed. With the extra people visiting the site, the profile of urbancinefile.com.au becoming more renowned and Telstra.com joining forces I was lucky to benefit at all from the competitions!!

But you know what? I didn’t care and I still don’t. Although I have learned to keep my mouth shut about certain things I still highly recommend your site to others. Also, the insight to the stars and reviews have given me hours of entertainment – not to mention the helpful additions over the years such as the Video and DVD reviews.

So thanks Urban Cinefile and Happy 4th Birthday – here's to many more... you deserve it!
Victoria Fahy

Ed: Thanks, we are chuffed! Your letter has won the Birthday Letter prize of a CD of the soundtrack from Autumn in New York – hear samples in our SOUNDTRACK review.

I've seen 15 Amore and loved it! I wish to take my mother and sister to it and, to my joy, it's on at the Schonell Theatre in Brisbane this weekend. What I would like to know, and I hope you can assist, is to find out if I could buy a video of this movie that really touched a chord. I'd appreciate your advice.
Many thanks

Helen Taylor, Brisbane

Ed replies: 15 Amore won’t be released on video until later this year. It is currently moving around the country in cinemas.

I too had the opportunity to attend a preview screening of 15 Amore at the the Dendy Theatre in Brisbane at which director Maurice Murphy attended and had a Q&A session afterwards. It was amazing to hear a few more bits and pieces about his life, which certainly was one filled with experiences I know I will never have...
Sally Ormston – Wooloowin, Qld

Dear Sir,
Firstly, congratulations on your website. I enjoy it very much. Especially when you give away free tickets to upcoming movies (Almost Famous). Now, I know you deal mainly with cinema, but you do have DVD reviews. So, I was wondering whether it would be possible to include a service on your site, that could show upcoming DVD realease dates in the same way that you do with movies. Not necessarily exact dates, but which DVDs will be released in the next few months.

Roy Hicks

Ed replies: Roy, ask and you shall receive! We thought this was a great suggestion and have set up pages for upcoming DVD releases for the next three months. Be sure to have a look, and please keep the feedback coming.
February, March, April

Dear Ed,
A friend of mine won tix from your site to see a preview screening of ALMOST FAMOUS and luckily, I was taken along to watch it too. I just wanted to thank Urban Cinefile for giving me the opportunity to see a fantastic film! I've since registered with you guys, and think the site is awesome.
Keep up the good work!!

Natasha Delphin
Urban Cinefile Fan.

Ed: Thanks for writing - we love feedback, especially positive. Glad you enjoyed the film as much as we did. Stay tuned for more!


In reference to the letter from John Campbell seeking the soundtrack for the film Earth, it's available from the CD store attached to Palace's Norton Street Complex at Leichhardt, Sydney. The title of the soundtrack is 1947. I believe the CD store is called Sherers.
William Edwards

One quibble
Love your site, just wnated to correct you on one detail. I believe the movie you advertised as opening in April - State & Main, is actually called "State of Maine", just helping you keep your own excellent standards,

Hew Parham

Louise replies: Thanks for your email and comments. We don't know your source, but we can assure you that State and Main (as listed on the site) is correct, according to its Australian distributor Palace. It is also correct according to The Internet Movie Data base www.imdb.com and major search engines such as yahoo and excite. Directed by David Mamet, State and Main was in Official Selection at Montreal, Deauville and Toronto Film Festivals 2000 and the London Film Festival. The release date, however, has changed and is now due for release in May 2001.

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