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Letters to the Editor are welcome; they can be on any relevant subject (relevant meaning relevant to this zine) and preferably no more than 350 words. Please include your name and city where you live. The Editor has the right to edit. Wed like to hear your movie related stories, anecdotes and of course your opinions. Drop us a line to editor@urbancinefile.com.au


Hello, I love your site and use it all the time the reviews are the main reason I use it to help me decide if I will see a film or not. That's why I like the 2 or 3 reviewers, it helps give a better idea - I appreciate the diversity.

But I think a really good idea would be to add a message board or something to each review to allow readers to add their own reviews. Amazon.com does this and it is one of the best features of the site. When I have read your reviews and still can't make up my mind whether to see it or not, some reader reviews could help tip the balance.
Lyndon Smith

Ed: Your wish is our command. Hey presto, readers can now write their comments and reviews to all our reviews in our new message board / Forum service, as of March 29, 2001. Access from any review page.

I've just seen Cunnamulla - don't know whether to dance and sing because I don't live there, or jump off a bridge because others do live there. Confirms for me it's 90% nurture and only 10% nature. I can't bear not knowing what happened to Kara, Kellie-Ann and Paul. Does anyone know?
Helen Lightfoot

Ed: I believe Dennis O'Rourke is in touch but I doubt he'll talk about it. As far as we know, life goes on . . .

Just a question regarding 'The Limey', Steven Soderbergh's film of 1999. So far we've seen Soderbergh's Erin Brockovich and Traffic but there is no sigh of The Limey either in cinemas or video stores. I was looking forward to it when I first heard about, a revenge thriller with 60's icons Terence Stamp and Peter Fonda. Is there any word about the fate of this movie in Australia?
Tristan Fidler

Louise replies: The Limey is scheduled for a limited release on May 10.


I was wondering if you could give me some information on the movie Chopper: mainly the technologies that were used to make it (editing equipment, software, cameras, type of film, etc.). Also the different people/institutions they were funded by. Any information would be appreciated, I cant find it anywhere.
Cole Carnes

Ed: Cole - we passed on your question to Chopper director Andrew Dominik, and this is his reply:
"Pretty standard technologies: It was cut on a Lightworks. Shot on Arriflex cameras. Kodak 250 daylight was our most common stock. It's grit and contrast comes partly from lighting, partly from bleach-bypassing the interneg. Funded by the FFC, Beyond Films, Palace Films and Mushroom Pictures." Not too often you get this kind of service and level of access! We can't guarantee it again.

I have been a long-time reader of your site and think it is fantastic.
I have one small complaint to make, however. Lately I have noticed that the reviews are always being done by Andrew, Louise and Richard. Even the DVD reviews are being done by either Andrew or Richard. Obviously these are your top reviewers, and I do value their opinion greatly, but in all honesty these three people usually have the same taste in film, and there is little to no difference in their opinions. This is fine when they all agree, as obviously some movies warrant that, but it seems to happen frequently, to the point where there is no real point in having three different reviews basically saying the same thing all the time. Like I said before, I like their reviews, I would just like to see some diversity now and then, or is the entire website now run by these three only? Your goal says it is to provide a diversity of opinions for the reader to choose from, and my point is that this is not being done.
Instead we have three people's opinions to select from all the time, with the rare exception of a review from Shannon Harvey, Ben Hooft or Jake Wilson.
Just thought you would appreciate the feedback.
Rachael Brown

Dear Rachael, Thanks for the note. I won't bore you with the minutiae of the many constraints imposed on review planning by film distributors' media preview schedules, except to say it is not perfect. Secondly, your impression may be gained from a short time span. This last edition, for instance, breaks down as follows:
Walk the Talk - Richard, Louise, Andrew
Miss Congeniality - David Edwards, Andrew, Louise
2001 - Shannon, Richard
Hard Day's Night - Richard, Andrew
Yolgnu Boy - Sally Bothroyd, Michael Shane, Andrew
Iron Ladies - Brad Green, Jake Wilson
DVD reviews this week - Richard & Ben
The diversity is probably greater than in any other single publication on or off line. External issues include where films are screened early Sydney offers the most advance screenings. Shannon is in Perth, David in Brisbane, Jake in Melbourne.... and so on.
I hope this doesn't sound defensive; we're very proud of the variety of opinions (and age range of our critics, from 20 to 55) we publish - at great cost to our frayed nerves!
Keep reading - you'll find it works out over time.
Andrew L. Urban


I have just read Andrew's ideas on making safer drugs available in the same way alcohol is available across the counter and I agree 100%. (TRAFFIC IN REALITY, March 8, 2001) I am a 50 year old mother of a two boys, 14 and 16, and a daughter 21 who works in the music industry. My husband and I both lived our teenage years in the sixties so know a lot about drugs and have taken all types, except heroin, opium etc. and at time we still indulge, but in moderation, of course, due to our age.

Now that we have teenagers we are able to pass on some advice about drugs and the effects they have on you - we are aware that some kids will take drugs and drink - that is part of being a teenager and we don't feel we can be too hypocritical about the subject. However, we have said to our kids, we'd rather you didn't take drugs as they can do you harm if used to excess. But we have also said that if you are going to take drugs try to do so in moderation, and see how your body reacts to the amount you have taken before going overboard!

We have also told our children that if they are drunk or stoned, are frightened and cannot handle where they are then they must call us immediately and we will come and pick them up, but if they really feel they are in some sort of danger they must go to the nearest hospital and then call us. I never want my children to be alone and scared or to feel they cannot go to their parents or a hospital for help.

Like you [Andrew] I feel money is being wasted on the "Just Say No" style of drug campaigning. Let's face it when you're a teenager you don't say "no" to much at all!! That's how you learn about life through experiencing different things and learning what is right for you and what is not. And you certainly never take any notice of an adult telling you not to do something. In fact, I think it's like waving a red flag at a bull! Adults are just seen as "fun police", stopping kids from having a good time because the adults have forgotten, conveniently, what they did in their youth.

Of course, my husband and I keep our thoughts to ourselves as we would be pilloried for our take on things. But we do have a good, honest relationship with our kids - although, I'm sure there are some things we don't know about, but we understand that kids have to have some secrets! We haven't had any problems as yet, but we are not naive enough to think we may not have them either. We will handle those as they occur.

We still go and see punk bands every weekend and mix with people who do take drugs and we have friends who do and our kids know this. They also know, however, that drugs are not always good for everybody and can have an adverse effect on some people.

I firmly believe that this problem has to be handled in a different, more open manner and that kids have to be able to go to their parents for help if they get into trouble with drugs, not told to get out of the house and never come back. I have seen this happen on a number of occasions and it doesn't solve anyone's problems, least of all the kids.

But, Andrew, how do you get the message across to the extremely conservative society we appear to be living in - it's like the 1960's never happened!

Urban Cinefile is a great site, I do research for the Director's Cut, which highlights independent features on the Foxtel channel, Showtime, and your reviews, and especially your interviews, are of a great help. Invaluable, in fact! Keep up the good work.

Best wishes
Robyn Watkins

Andrew replies: How to get the message across? I wish I knew, Robyn. Keep talking about it.

Dancer in the Dark is the most shocking, most moving film I have ever seen. It emotionally destroyed me. I saw this epic in a packed cinema on the Champs Elysees in Paris. As the film ended no one looked like they were leaving. They needed to recover. I had to wait an extra-long time, as I was sobbing uncontrollably. My head ached and the tears continued as I walked out of the cinema. I was a wreck. Who had done this horrible thing to me? Bjork. She did not act the part of Selma. She was Selma. Who knows why she wasn't nominated for an Oscar. The music is heartwarmingly breathtaking. Yes, the camerawork is jumpy and the editing is hodge-podge. Its what gives this amazing work of art its edge. It only adds to the experience. Don't learn about the plot of this film, let it move you completely by its shock value. This is a truly brilliant film. Go see it and never watch another film again.
Patrick Blake
Gold Coast, Australia

Maybe you can help me. I have looked up the movie "Pollock" on your forthcoming movies pages and cannot seem to find it. Do you know if it is intended for Australian release? If so do you know when? I am intrigued as it has been nominated for a few Academy Awards and has received next to zero publicity here in Australia. Your help would be appreciated.

Tony Messenger

Louise replies: There is no Australian distributor for Pollock to date.


Re: AWWWWWWWWw yeahhhhhhh@ chopper!!!
Hey, I have read all about this guy, "Chopper" and want to know how I can get a chance to see the movie. I live in Palm Springs and just found out TODAY that there is a movie about him, even though I have known about this guy for years........ please help me out............I'm begging you, please....
Rosenthal, Palm Springs, USA

Ed: Beg no more! You're in luck, Rosenthal! Chopper is to be released in the US by First Look Pictures in April. Enjoy. In the meantime, you can catch a clip of the film as we name the film's star, Eric Bana, support actor David Field and its writer/director Andrew Dominik, in our Birtdhay Honours List for Outstanding Achievement, at:

Re: Urban Cinefile
It's great! Full of news, good colours and a deep love for movies that I feel just like you! I am an urban cinefile too: I'll come to visit you soon and I'll inform other friends in Italy, You did a great work, I wish you the best...just a question, may I become a member, or may you send me news??? Thanks and keep in touch. Love
Nina, Italy

Ed: Thanks for your comments, Nina. We have added you to our Movie Club mailing list, so you will receive our weekly email content bulletin. Ciao ciao

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