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The year is 2047: a rescue mission is sent to the outer reaches of the solar system to salvage the Event Horizon, a prototype spaceship designed by Dr William Weir (Sam Neill) to reach distant stars, which vanished without trace seven years ago. Weir and Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne) lead a team of seasoned professionals on board the rescue ship: navigator Starck (Joely Richardson), emergency technicians Peters (Kathleen Quinlan) and Cooper (Richard T. Jones), engineer Justin (Jack Noseworthy), doctor D.J. (Jason Isaaacs) and pilot Smith (Sean Pertwee). Only when they are in deep space does Weir reveal the truth about the Event Horizon, a ship he built to fold space and thus make travel in time and space possible. What nobody expected was that the ship, named after the lip of a black hole, would cross over from our universe into another reality - hell.

"Bad title, silly film, non event . . . excuse the flip, glib, tip, but really! So much wonderful talent involved, from the blast of a cast to the SFX teams, the miniature model makers, the CGI designers, the production designers, the cinematographers, motion control specialists . . . but they are technicians, not heart warmers. Thereís the problem. We just donít get engaged. No emotional investment required. So, the film is entertaining in an empty sort of way, over the top much of the time with its gory, bloody imagery, with its complicated attempt at metaphysics and physics on a collision course as the questions of the universe are answered by the screams from hell. The young Brit director is making his cinematic bones here, and he is clearly an imaginative and talented filmmaker with an eye for the filmic stun gun. Whether he has anything to say is hard to tell from this film: his shock tactics overstate whatever that may be. No doubt there is an audience for the film: teen audiences will find much to squirm about."
Andrew L. Urban

"This expensive sci-fi horror spectacular, while offering solid performances, a riveting musical score and spectacular effects - ends up being nothing but a Big Ship of Horrors with a fate doomed beyond the black hole. The premise seems a bit clever - or trying to be. And yes, the production design gives plenty to marvel at, and the miniatures are really fabulous; the special effects, especially in the last section, are frenetic fireworks exploding across the big screen and have great visual appeal. But what should be a ride of inter-galactic terror (or at the very least exciting escapism), is strangely unengaging, and one wishes the cast had a better vehicle to showcase their considerable talents. Laurence Fishburne in particular, has great presence; Sam Neillís casting against type is less than satisfying - I found myself intently scrutinising his make-up. If B-grade sci-fi horror turns you on, this film is no doubt for you; otherwise, donít bother."
Louise Keller

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CAST: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson, Richard T. Jones, Jack Noseworthy, Jason Isaacs, Sean Pertwee

PRODUCER: Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Jerey Bolt

DIRECTOR: Paul Anderson

SCRIPT: Paul Eisner


EDITOR: Martin Hunter

MUSIC: Michael Kamen


RUNNING TIME: 95 minutes



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