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"I was very lucky: all the battles I fought with the studio were to do with money and time, and nothing to do with the artistic choices "  -Sam Mendes on directing American Beauty
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Clearly, the AFI voting membership has remembered The Dish, which was not in the running last year, but is nominated among the Best Films. There’s no hint of a subversive frame of mind evident in the nominations list, although some of you may think that nominations in a few categories are worth a decent barney over a beer.

Below is the list of nominees, except for the two special awards – the Raymond Longford and the Byron Kennedy, and the newly introduced $10,000 Harper’s Bazaar Screenwriters Prize, which are all awarded by special juries.

Emirates AFI Award for Best Film
Producer: Jan Chapman
Director: Ray Lawrence
Screen Writer: Andrew Bovell

Moulin Rouge
Producers: Baz Luhrmann, Martin Brown, & Fred Baron
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Screen Writer: Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce

The Bank
Producer: John Maynard
Director & Screen Writer: Robert Connolly

The Dish
Producers: Santo Cilauro, Michael Hirsh, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy,
Rob Sitch
Director: Rob Sitch
Screen Writers: Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy & Rob Sitch

AFI Award for Best Direction
Lantana - Ray Lawrence
Moulin Rouge - Baz Luhrmann
The Bank - Robert Connolly
Mullet - David Caesar

Harper's BAZAAR AFI Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Alice Ansara - La Spagnola
Kerry Armstrong - Lantana
Nicole Kidman -Moulin Rouge
Lola Marceli - La Spagnola

Showtime AFI Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role
Anthony LaPaglia - Lantana
David Wenham - The Bank
Ewan McGregor - Moulin Rouge
Ben Mendelsohn - Mullet

Jan Logan AFI Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Rachael Blake - Lantana
Daniela Farinacci - Lantana
Lourdes Bartolome - La Spagnola
Belinda McClory - Mullet

Beyond International AFI Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Vince Colosimo - Lantana
Alex Dimitriades - La Spagnola
Andrew S. Gilbert - Mullet
Richard Roxburgh - Moulin Rouge

The Kirketon AFI Award for Best Costume Design
La Spagnola - Margot Wilson
Lantana - Margot Wilson
Moulin Rouge - Catherine Martin & Angus Strathie
The Bank - Annie Marshall

AFI Award for Best Sound
La Spagnola - Peter Grace, Phil Judd & Andrew Plain
Lantana - Syd Butterworth, Andrew Plain & Robert Sullivan
Moulin Rouge - Andy Nelson, Roger Savage & Guntis Sics
The Bank - Phil Heywood, Sam Petty & Andrew Ramage

Complete Post AFI Award for Best Editing
La Spagnola - Alexandre De Franceshi
Lantana - Karl Sodersten
Moulin Rouge - Jill Bilcock
Yolngu Boy - Ken Sallows

AFI Award for Best Original Music Score
La Spagnola - Cezary Skubiszewski
The Bank - Alan John
Lantana - Paul Kelly
The Dish - Edmund Choi

GMD AFI Award for Best Production Design
La Spagnola - Dee Molineaux
Lantana - Kim Buddee
Moulin Rouge - Catherine Martin
The Bank - Luigi Pittorino

The Australian AFI Award for Best Original Screenplay
La Spagnola - Anna-Maria Monticelli
Mullet - David Caesar
The Bank - Robert Connolly
Yolngu Boy - Chris Anastassiades

AFI Award for Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Source
He Died With a Felafel in His Hand - Richard Lowenstein
Lantana - Andrew Bovell
Silent Partner - Daniel Keene
The Monkey's Mask - Anne Kennedy

Empire AFI Award for Best Cinematography
Moulin Rouge - Donald M McAlpine ACS/ASC
La Spagnola - Steve Arnold
The Bank - Tristan Milani
Yolngu Boy - Brad Shield

AFI Award for Best Foreign Film
Almost Famous
Producer: Ian Bryce, Cameron Crowe
Director: Cameron Crowe
Screen Writer: Cameron Crowe

Billy Elliot
Producers: Tessa Ross, David M Thompson, Natascha Wharton
Director: Stephen Daldry
Screen Writer: Lee Hall

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Producer: Ang Lee & James Schamus
Director: Ang Lee
Screen Writers: James Schamus, Tsai Kuo-Jung, Wang Hui-Ling

In The Mood For Love
Producer, Writer, Director & Screen Writer: Wong Kar-Wai



AFI Award for Best Documentary
(Awarded to producer/s)
Producer & Director: Dennis O’Rourke

Facing the Music
Producers & Directors: Bob Connolly & Robin Anderson

Playing the Game
Producers: Andrew Ogilvie & Peter Du Cane
Directors: Peter Du Cane & Matthew Kelley

Producers: Andrew Wiseman & Richard Keddie
Director: Andrew Wiseman

AFI Award for Best Direction in a Documentary
Dennis O’Rourke

Facing the Music
Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson

Losing Layla
Vanessa Gorman

Andrew Wiseman

Atlab Award for Best Short Fiction Film
(Awarded to Director/s)
The Big House
Director & Writer: Rachel Ward
Producer: Henrietta Hartford Davis

Delivery Day
Director: Jane Manning
Producer: Liz Watts
Writer: Khoa Do

Inja (Dog)
Director & Writer: Steve Pasvolsky
Producer: Joanne Weatherstone

Saturn’s Return
Director: Wenona Byrne
Producer: Helen Panckhurst
Writer: Christos Tsiolkas

AFI Award for Best Short Animation
Bad Baby Amy
Director: Anthony Lucas
Producers: Anthony Lucas, Edwina von Stiegler

The Collective
Director: Norah Mulroney
Producer: Daniella Ortega

The Exploding Woman
Director: Nancy Allen
Producer: Melissa Johnson

Living with Happiness
Producer & Director: Sarah Watt

AFI Award for Best Screenplay in a Short Fiction Film
Delivery Day
Khoa Do

The Big House
Rachel Ward

Inja (Dog)
Steve Pasvolsky

Sparky D Comes to Town
Kris Mrksa

Kodak AFI Award for Best Cinematography in a Non-Feature Film
City of Dreams
Andre Fleuren

Bird In The Wire
John Brawely

Island life - Macquarie Island
Wade Fairley

One Night The Moon
Kim Batterham

AFI Award for Best Sound in a Non-Feature Film

Australians at War
Julian Ellingworth, John Patterson

The Collective
Katy Wood

Facing the Music
Robin Anderson, Andrew Plain & Robert Sullivan

Sam Petty & Yulia Akerholt

AFI Award for Best Editing in a Non-Feature Film

Australians at War
Melanie Sandford

Rubber Gloves
Rebecca Murphy

Secret Safari
Emma Hay

Merlin Cornish & Robert Forsyth

AFI Award for Open Craft Award in a Non-Feature Film

Australians at War for Screenplay
Michael Caulfield

Circa for Original Concept & Realisation
Sally Bongers & Paul Elliot

Harvey for Special Effects
Peter McDonald

One Night The Moon for Original Score
Mairead Hannan, Kev Carmody & Paul Kelly

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