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"He would try and tear off my ear....I would try and gouge out his eyes...cut...then some more moves. And all the time we were trying not to laugh."  -Gregory Peck on his fight scene with Larry Olivier in The Boys from Brazil
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In the midlle of Northern Carolina, a number of young, attractive, young, women have gone missing; two turn up dead. Morgan Freeman plays a cool, highly intelligent forensic psychiatrist who works in conjunction with the Washington D.C. police department. When his own niece, a brilliant violinist, is reported missing, Freeman assists in the investigation, which is given an unexpected boost when an intended victim, a local doctor(Ashley Judd), escapes from what we discover is not the hands of a serial killer, but a collector of beautiful, strong women

"Kiss the Girls is terrific entertainment: a superbly directed thriller with an economical script and top performances. While there are some shades of The Collector and Seven, thereís a lot in this exciting film thatís new. The anticipation of tension culminating in heart stoppingly scary moments, is expertly constructed by director Gary Fleder, who has used skill, perception and artistic flair in his direction. Morgan Freeman gives yet another great performance as the forensic detective and crime author Alex Cross. He shines in every way, and is a joy to watch: his subtlety, presence and charisma are undeniable. Ashley Judd is beguiling as Kate. She exudes a vibrancy and credibility that makes her interesting to watch. This is a well made film with excellent production values that takes the viewer on a thrilling emotional trip. Mark Ishamís music score is a good example of a musical work of art. Building tension throughout, the music colours by different shades; at times it is inconspicuous but there in the background; other times it takes the starring role and delivers a musically pleasing, non derivative, individual sound. With the exception of a slightly muddy plot element towards the end, we are connected and enthralled by excellent star performances, engaging script and good direction."
Louise Keller

"There might well be resonances with Seven, but this taut thriller, imaginatively directed, is a classy and enthralling affair. Edgy and unpredictable, Kiss the Girls is a deft and beguiling work, with an intelligent, literate script of genuine surprises and well developed characterisations; a rarity for the genre. What it also has, like Seven, is Morgan Freeman, and watching him on screen, cool yet always thinking, is worth the price of admission alone. Freeman has created many fascinating characters, and makes this intellectual psychologist/cop totally believable and fascinating in what he says and how he says it. He's matched by Ashley Judd, coming into her own; she delivers a strong performance as a woman using her inner and physical strength to avoid being a victim. She has a dynamic screen presence: someone to look out for. Crisp and energetic, superbly cut together to heighten suspense, Kiss the Girls is a compelling and inviting tale that is gripping and exciting, yet refuses to insult its audience. A refreshing change don't you think?"
Paul Fischer

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CAST: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Cary Elwes, Tony Goldwyn, Jay O. Sanders, bill Nunnm Brian Cox, Alex McArthur, Richard T. Jones, Jeremy Piven, William Converse-Roberts, Gina Ravera, Roma Maffia

DIRECTOR: Gary Fleder

PRODUCER: David Brown, Joe Wizan

SCRIPT: David Klass (based on the novel by James Patterson)


EDITOR: William Steinkamp

MUSIC: Mark Isham


RUNNING TIME: 116 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: November 6, 1997

Aust Video Distributor: CIC
Video Release: Dec 17, 1998

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