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We asked: "Who in your family should get a bike and why?" Family members were the most popular, including mothers-in-law and grannies. Below are the lucky winners. Prizes courtesy Columbia TriStar. (Beijing Bicycle released nationally February 7, 2002)

TWO FIRST PRIZES: 1 x Video pack of the Limited Edition 2000 Silk Screen Collection - The Road Home, Kikijuro, Emperor & The Assassin, Shower, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; 1 x in-season pass to Beijing Bicycle

Angela Byron (NSW): The rabbit from last week's competition. He needs to get fit quickly as Easter is early this year and he has a whole lot of eggs to deliver!

Chris Andersen (WA): Me; I've got a ticket to ride.

10 RUNNERS UP (2 per state): 1 x DVD Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; 1 x in-season pass to Beijing Bicycle

Sue Bevan (ACT): Everyone! Then we wouldn't have to lay move 5 cars just to get the last one in the driveway out; like in The Castle movie.

Tony Beret (NSW): My daughter. My childhood experience teaches me that riding a bike is unique. It gives you confidence that you can do certain things without having to understand how it really works at that age.

Emma Proudley (Qld): My father has ridden an old ink bike (made for women to ride in skirts) all his life. For the sake of the children, and his children's children, please do something!

Marie Thomson (Qld): I think my mum should be presented with a bike to get around on. After 35 years of trying to learn how to drive, I don't think there is any hope left.

Adele Hann (SA): My daughter Sophie who has spent the last ten years trying to support herself as an artist. Although very talented and winner of a scholarship to study in New York, she lives in gentile poverty.

Tom Pash (SA): My imaginary friend Fharquar. He'd win the Tour De France before any of us looked sideways at it.

Colin Donald (Vic): The Panda. The tiger is engaged in crouching; the dragon is busy hiding; so the panda needs to be cycling.

Linda Steabben (Vic): Dad deserves his OWN bike. He's a pensioner and always puts money aside to ensure he has enough saved for each of his 12 grandchildren to get a shiny new bike for their 10th birthday.

S. Floyd (WA): My daughter. Even though she is now 51, I bought my 3 sons a bike but not her. She reminds me of it often. How she never got a bike; I live with guilt.

Jarred Eyles (WA): My wife should get a bike. She would really enjoy the great outdoors; and would not complain about being stuck at home.

15 ALSO RANS: 1 x in-season passes (3 per state)
NSW: Casandra Tennant-Pascoe, Andrew Lim, Alasdair Spinner
Qld: Adele Smith, Samantha Duncan, B. Gabel
SA: Richard Brown, Manfred Hopprich, Zena Kauschke
Vic: Nerida Weller, Paul Cowan, Darren Basset
WA: Aaron James, Brenda Tankard, Louise Hey

Congratulations to the winners. Prizes will be sent by Columbia TriStar.

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