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"I can have the odd tantrum, but at least people know where they stand."  - Russell Crowe
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We asked: Write a suitable Oscar acceptance speech for Russell Crowe. The entries ranged from genuine to genuinely feeble, with many aspiring poets included, some serious, some libelous - but the judges have voted to give the 1st prize to the unique entry fuelled by dreams – just like movies.

First Prize:
A DVD player [SAST AEP-816] valued at $399 courtesy Total DVD.; plus 3 DVDs – Gandhi (8 Oscars, 1982), Kramer vs Kramer (5 Oscars, 1979), Out of Africa (7 Oscars, 1986), courtesy Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.
Vanessa Henderson, Qld
I would just like to say that I couldn`t have done this without Vanessa Henderson. She has been my inspiration, my muse. So, I would just like to say, Vanessa I am sorry I haven`t come and rescued you yet but I am coming to get you! See you soon. [ :) I wish!]

Runners Up (9):
3 DVDs – Gandhi (8 Oscars, 1982), Kramer vs Kramer (5 Oscars, 1979), Out of Africa (7 Oscars, 1986), courtesy Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.
Lucie Loane, NSW
A beautiful mind An unbalanced mind A mind without a border That ends in disorder Thank you to Ron Howard for helping me tell the story of John Nash and the actions of his youth which were rewarded in his old age with a Nobel Prize. I`m convinced we did a good job with the movie by the reviews I`ve read where the critics couldn`t tell what was real and what existed only in John`s head. Thank you and goodnight.

Mark Franich, NSW
If I may, this time I would like to recite a short poem… An honour it was To play such a role Dramatic and moving And laden with soul. A numbers man twisted With mental decay A struggle that touches All in a way. Directed by ‘Richie’ With heart all the way Delivered with gusto A true happy day. The Academy’s choice Was well thought and wise Thanks; for ignoring The media’s lies. More ‘beat up’ than ‘beating’ The Brit press imagined Misreporting achieved Their usual low standard. To family and friends My thanks go with thunder I relish the support I receive from downunder. Thanks for another book end.

John O’Rourke, NSW
A lot has ben said about the nationalities of the nominees this year; I would just like to point out that where you come from means nothing in this industry. It is an international dream that we create that goes across all borders; races and beliefs. If we are successful then someone some where will be motivated for the good of all. Keep building dreams. And go The Brumbies!

Robert Kocsis, NSW
Thank you. Winning this award has been a bit like shearing sheep on my farm; I`ve had to put up with a lot of bleating whilst getting the job done. Thank you.

Carmel Dichiera, NSW
Well well if you asked me ten years did I see myself winning an Oscar I would have laughed. Tonight I am reminded why I gave my life to a craft which can touch`s people heart and soul as much Beautiful Mind has touched mine. I would like to thank my fans; my manager; mum and dad and Dannie for always being there in the shadow.

Ian Hawkins, Qld
Best actor - I should think so! A bigger talent you`ll never know. No one will ever win, any year I release a movie in. I`m the man TV producers fear, and women hold dear. The Kiwi from Down Under, Australia`s greatest wonder.

Liam Peters, Qld
Thanks to the academy for understanding what I`m about. I`m not here to be liked. I`m here to do a job. That job is to tell stories. Stories that give us insights; hopes; feelings and overall a visceral sense that we have been involved in something. That`s what film is about. Too many times performances are judged on whether the actor is someone you like. That simply undermines the whole reason for actors and the job that we do. It doesn`t matter whether I win an award for doing my job. It`s a bonus. But if a performance is written off because I`m not thought of very highly; well; that`s just sad. This is something I`m really proud of. Thanks to Jennifer; Ron; the cast and crew. Thanks to my family; Australia; New Zealand and most of all thankyou to John and Alicia Nash. They are reasons to go to the movies. An inspiration to us all. Thanks again.

Lucy McGregor, Qld
I`d like to extend my appreciation to the members of the Academy for their continued expression of confidence in the simple fact that single-minded dedication in seeking the penultimate level of honesty; truth and heart in a performance retains it`s value in your eyes. May all of us continue in that pursuit; finding in it; it`s own reward and discovering it to be a gift we give both to ourselves and to others. The finding of truth is always an artform; be it with paint or words; song or expression and it is to this artform that we here have devoted our life`s work. Thank you for acknowledging this one bloke`s struggle to get it right.

Karen L. Menzie, Tas
What can I say? I`m a passionate person! Passionate about my work; passionate about my country, the people I love, the people I hate and extremely passionate about poetry and acceptance speeches. Anybody got a problem with that?!

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Prizes courtesy Total DVD and Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment

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