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We asked: How would you Italian-icise your name (to help with a romantic introduction)? Our Italian readers had trouble, but most entries got the hang of it pretty well, and many captured the essential romantic Latin flavour with style and humour. The judges deliberated over the entries, aided by a Chianti, and chose the following winners, who will each receive one of 100 double passes to the Italian romantic comedy, The Last Kiss, for sneak previews (Sydney & Melbourne only) on the weekend of April 19 - 21. The Last Kiss releases April 25, 2002. Prizes courtesy Palace Films.

Judges’ favourites:
Peter Langmead: I think Langmedici would be a pretty impressive Italian name.

Nathan Hodge: The Compte d’Nathanavisi. Who can resist a title of unclear rank?

Nathan Kable: Nathanello Kabelli; if I could convince any girl it was my real name I could convince them romantically of anything I wanted.

Andrew Lim: Andre Limiano – the Duke of Dance, the Count of Cool, the Prince of Passion, the King of Swing, the Master of Canasta, the Lord of Lame One-Liners….

Keren Lavelle: I am tempted to go full-on and front-out with the name Booberella Intelligentsia, thus connoting my significant physical and intellectual attributes.

Steve Groves: My name would sound cool as Stefano Grovessi!

Freddie Lee: Freddielini

All the winners:

May Ann, Vesna Jacovou, Samantha Schuurman, William Woon, Valerie Southam, Debbie Sander, Cecilia Ritchie, Cait Taylor, Jodie Ekert, Paul Argent, Pem Dechen, Lucy Merriman, Julia Blanter, Peter Langmead, Sarah Royds, Victoria Rati, Penny Luelf, Tony Lee, Nathan Hodge, Nathan Kable, Iam M.C. Little, John Fenech, Arthur Easton, Sabina Peritore, John Parisis, Tim Brady, Adrian Brown, June Seymes, Brett Elliott, Vincent Rodi, Leon Chung, emma Hay, Belinda So, Rod Schofield, Andrew Lim, Ros Hodgekiss, Patricia Parker, David harris, Johanna Carlton, Andre, Erin Stuart, Julie Sibbu, Brett Heil, Jennifer Hsu, Stewart MacDonald, Aleksandra Hadzelek, Anna Cloumassis, James McLachlan, Keren Lavelle, Anne Common

Rod Hartman, Steve Groves, Blair Mahoney, Penny Butler, Nancee Biviano, James Mark, Phil Burns, Emma Fitzsimmons, Kylie Smith, Chris James, Anna Crosling, Leonie M McCallum, Kathy Rodwell, Kate Fitzpatrick, Robert Wagner, Roberta Ciabarra, Melissa Hayhoe, Judi Thompson, Peter Richards, Freddie Lee, Jane Brownrigg, Wayne Madge, Renato Marasco, Kelly Murphy, Helen Penwill, Grace Golotta, John Pearson, Al Primon, Steven Soon-Teik Teh, Bruce Kilov, Trudi-ann Rowley, Ivy Imbuido, Jeremy Pollard, Franco Schifilliti, Lionel Cohen, Danielle Liese North, Lina Vallis, Rachel Craze, Melanie Holmes, Alan Clark, Cherie Warwick, Ben Fraser, Ann St Clair, Benedict Appleby, Carolyn Poon, Cathy Ellis, Ben Naparsetk, Beryl Snezwell, Camilla Borda, Cathleen (Louise) Tice, Andrew Chua

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