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Independent-minded waitress Louise (Susan Sarandon) persuades her timid housewife friend Thelma (Geena Davis) to join her on a weekend holiday. Leaving behind Thelma's possessive husband Darryl (Christopher McDonald) the duo visit a rowdy bar. When redneck Harlan (Timothy Carhart) attempts to rape Thelma, Louise shoots him dead. Convinced that the police will not believe their story, Thelma and Louise embark on a cross-country crime spree as they head for the safety of Mexico.

Review by Richard Kuipers:
If you're an admirer of Ridley Scott's road movie this DVD release contains just about everything you could wish for. Intelligent commentary by Scott on one channel, a lively discussion with Oscar-winning writer Callie Khoury, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis on the other and a collection of worthwhile bonus footage including the alternate ending.

Even if you're not in the Thelma & Louise fan club, this hotly-debated-at-the-time look at two women who take a stand against male domination is fascinating to watch as a key precursor to darker explorations of similar themes in Butterfly Kiss (1995) and this year's hot property, Baise Moi. Either way, there's no denying the superb performances of Sarandon and Davis (both of whom earned best actress nominations) and Ridley Scott's equally dazzling direction of cast and camera.

The beautiful 'Scope transfer does justice to the vibrant colours worn by our heroines and the savage beauty of the desert landscape they traverse in their 66 Tbird convertible as a date with one of the most famous final shots in film history comes closer. For some (myself included), Thelma & Louise is an incredibly emotion-charged and inspiring tale of women who rebel gloriously against their prescribed roles. You may take the alternate view and think it treats its male characters with simple-minded chauvinism and represents a backwards step for the women's movement. There's not much middle ground to take here and that's reason enough to give it attention. Early roles for Brad Pitt (as a cowboy stud) and Michael Madsen (as Louise's occasional boyfriend) and the presence of Harvey Keitel as a sympathetic cop are attractive side elements to the Sarandon-Davis show and the comprehensive range of extra material makes the memories linger impressively. Thelma and Louise was issued previously on DVD with about half the extras featured here and an incorrect aspect ratio transfer. Resist the temptation to buy that one at reduced rates and go for the real thing. It's worth it.

Published June 6, 2002

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CAST: Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel, Brad Pitt, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald

DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott

RUNNING TIME: 116 minutes

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary with Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon and writer Calle Khouri, Separate Audio Commentary with Ridley Scott, Making Of Documentary, Deleted Scenes, Trailers, TV Spots, Alternate Ending, Multi Angle Vignette, Photo Gallery.

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: June 5, 2002

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