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Review by Brad Green:
Rolf Harris had the right idea. You canít successfully out-punch the old hard rockers. Wabble board, sing-a-long kitsch and all, his interpretations of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC worked for what they were. Even if they were something the world could have done without. Stairways to Heaven and Highways To Hell can be repaved with saccharine instead of heavy metal, but you simply canít grind any more grime into Dirty Deeds.†

You Am I frontman Tim Rogers is at the production helm of this homage to late-sixties, guitar-heavy rock; and although he comes unstuck trying to wind more grunt into the AC/DC classic, for the most part the right spirit is captured, the right artists perform the right songs and just the right accompaniment is added by Paul Healyís electronic score.†

The latter is a particularly pleasant surprise. Up-tempo cues full of ironic verve and incidental cues that reside in that amorphous region of ambience, yet utterly fail to bore, make for some of the most effervescent screen music Iíve heard this year. For the feature cues thereís a hint of Shaft in the Wah guitars, a hint of Bond in the brass blasts and a hint of Healyís own inventiveness and self-awareness in the funky rhythms that glue it together. None of it is serious, but itís nearly all successful.

Which canít be said for Tex Perkinís turn at the title track. With the overdrive on You Am Iís guitars turned up to melting point, and Perkins roaring aimlessly into his microphone (not that it sounds like he needed one) a thunderingly good, ballsy rock number is transformed into an aimless rumble of noise.†

On the upside, Bernard Fanning and Billy Thorpe belt out sterling performances replete with both testosterone and class; while You Am I provide solid support as backing band. Rogers adds a couple of light and friendly rock Ďní roll numbers of his own, and overall thereís more than enough good work here to make for a solid compilation. Add Paul Healyís compositions and you not only have a superior soundtrack, but one which most definitely should not be judged by its title cover.†

Published July 18, 2002

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TITLE: Dirty Deeds
ID: 74321934642
ARTISTS: You Am I; Tex Perkins; Billy Thorpe; Bernard Fanning; Bruce Haymes; Phil Jamieson; Grinspoon; Palladium; Dallas Crane; The Loved Ones; Lisa Miller; Jody Bell; Tim Rogers; Powder Monkeys; Daddy Cool
PRODUCER: Tim Rogers

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