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Review by Brad Green:
I think the title is supposed to be ironic. Another one of those horror chillers set on American roads that have cropped up periodically ever since Spielbergís Duel. They always contain evil looking trucks, mysterious drivers, and supposedly menacing shadows; but rarely a shadow of the originalís style.†

I havenít actually seen this film, but thereís no hint in its synopsis or publicity materials that it breaks the mould. Which is a shame because for the past few years, Leelee Sobieski along with Kirsten Dunst, has been the young female thespian showing the most potential to be a worthy star of the new millennium. Dunstís career has now got a well deserved boost on Spidermanís back, but Sobieskiís it seems is still lingering in second gear.†

Which is more than I can say for this soundtrack, which barely makes it out of a stall. It sounds like the product of composing by numbers: a bevy of chiller clichťs hacked up and stitched together with all the artistic sensibility of a psychopath. Eerie electronic effects that have been around since the advent of B-grade movies interrupt sharp orchestral accents; and the result is as suspenseful as the pre-chorus build up in a Spice Girls ditty. Worst of all are the staccato string patterns that could only have credibility backing a lampoon of the Psycho shower scene.†

I hope the plotís predictable Ė and I suspect it is Ė because it surely canít be helped by a soundtrack thatís as subtle as a truck engine. I did, however, find one aspect of this music genuinely frightening. Its banality scared me to sleep.†

Published July 25, 2002

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TITLE: Joy Ride
ID: 30206 62902
Varese Sarabande
COMPOSER: Marco Beltrami
PRODUCER: Marco Beltrami

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