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What if the year’s most successful Australian film was not voted one of the Best, in an award that is voted by the public? What could it mean? The IF Awards nominations pose, but don’t answer, that question, reports Andrew L. Urban.

The year’s most popular Australian film, Rabbit Proof Fence (close to $8 million at the box office), is a surprise absence from the three nominations for Best Film in the 2002 IF Awards, even though it was nominated in seven categories, as was Best Film Nominee The Tracker; Australian Rules and Walking On Water are the other two. 

It is the fact that the Best Film category is voted by the public that makes it surprising – but perhaps it also demonstrates the IF voting system, which does not rely on volume of votes but on a ranking for each film. This means that films which have had limited box office appeal can still score higher in the IF voting system.

Walking on Water received six nominations including Best Feature Film, Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Script and Best Music.

Both Australian Rules and Beneath Clouds received four nominations each. Nominations for Australian Rules are Best Feature Film, Best Actor, Best Production Design and Best Script. Nominations for Beneath Clouds are Best Direction, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

The Hard Word received two nominations for Best Editing and Best Sound. Dirty Deeds received one nomination for Best Production Design.

The Lexus IF Awards, the people’s choice awards for Australian film (started by Inside Film, or IF Magazine), will be announced on Wednesday 6th November in a live brodcast on SBS at 8.30pm following The Movie Show. The Awards will be re-broadcast on SHOWTIME on the 7th and 8th November. 

The nominees for the 2002 Lexus IF Awards are:


The SHOWTIME IF Award for Best Feature Film
Australian Rules, Mark Lazarus
The Tracker, Rolf de Heer & Julie Ryan
Walking on Water, Liz Watts

The Animal Logic IF Award for Best Direction
Tony Ayres, Walking on Water
Rolf de Heer, The Tracker
Phillip Noyce, Rabbit-Proof Fence
Ivan Sen, Beneath Clouds

The IF Award for Best Actor
Vince Colosimo, Walking on Water
David Gulpilil, The Tracker
Nathan Phillips, Australian Rules

The In Style IF Award for Best Actress
Dannielle Hall, Beneath Clouds
Everlyn Sampi, Rabbit-Proof Fence
Maria Theodorakis, Walking on Water

The Kodak IF Award for Best Cinematography
Allan Collins, Beneath Clouds
Christopher Doyle, Rabbit-Proof Fence
Ian Jones, The Tracker

The Mushroom Pictures IF Award for Best Script
Rolf de Heer, The Tracker
Phillip Gwynne & Paul Goldman, Australian Rules
Roger Monk, Walking on Water

The Frameworks IF Award for Best Editing
Martin Connor, The Hard Word
Veronika Jenet & John Scott, Rabbit-Proof Fence
Karen Johnson, Beneath Clouds

The Tracks IF Award for Best Sound
Craig Carter & John Penders, Rabbit-Proof Fence
James Currie, The Tracker
John Schiefelbein, Phil Judd, Julius Chan & Angus Robertson, The Hard Word
The BMG IF Award for Best Music (Soundtrack)
Peter Gabriel, Rabbit-Proof Fence
Antony Partos, Walking on Water
Graham Tardif, The Tracker

The LaB IF Award for Best Production Design
Roger Ford, Rabbit-Proof Fence
Steven Jones-Evans, Australian Rules
Chris Kennedy, Dirty Deeds

The Discovery Networks IF Award for Best Documentary
A Wedding in Ramallah, Sherine Salama (Dir, Prod)
Black Chicks Talking, Leah Purcell (Dir), Bain Stewart (Prod)
Making Venus, Gary Doust (Dir), Tom Zubrycki (Prod)

The IF Award for Best Short Film
Stump, Robert Forsyth (Dir) Robyn Marais (Prod)
The Host, Nicholas Tomnay (Dir) Linda Ujuk & Alison Clentsmith (Prod)
Vitalogy, Greg Williams (Dir) Clare Sawyer (Prod) 

The Rising Sun Pictures IF Award for Best Animation
Looking for Horses, Anthony Lawrence (Dir, Prod)
(R)evolution, Michael Cusack (Dir), Richard Chataway (Prod)
Tales from the Powder Room, Darren Burgess (Dir), Richard Chataway (Prod)

The Ztudio 'What IF?’ Competition
Brad Foster, Big Things
Lucien Sayron, Still Holding
Alan Woodruff, My Brother, Myself

The Triple J Independent Spirit IF Award
Ruth Balint, Troubled Waters
Gary Doust, Making Venus
Husein, Beginnings

The Freixinet Living Legend IF Award, The Film Finance Corporation IF Award for Box Office Achievement and The Lexus IF Award for Rising Talent will also be announced at the Awards. 

The Lexus IF Awards is primarily an audience choice awards. Winners are determined by audiences in the categories of Best Feature Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Music (Soundtrack), Best Script, Best Short Film, Best Documentary and Best Animation. 

Awards determined by specialist industry juries are presented in the categories of Best Director, Best Editor, Best Sound, Best Production Design, the Living Legend IF Award, the Rising Talent IF Award, the Independent Spirit IF Award and the What IF? Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay.

Published October 17, 2002

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Rabbit Proof Fence - seven nominations, but not for Best Film

Walking on Water

The Tracker

Australian Rules

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