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Andrew L. Urban's FRONT UP

I would really appreciate it if you could extend my thanks and heart felt gratitude to Andrew. Some girls would wet their pants if they ran over Brad Pitt with their shopping trolley or stiletto pumps - I almost wet mine meeting Andrew. "I love your work", would only sound sleazy and contrived, so instead, please alert him to the fact that listening is a skill few possess - a skill he is toooo good at. Which explains why so many of us Front Up'pers are so able to spill our proverbial guts over the entire nation. I had my ex boyfriend on the phone to my parents, immediately after, wanting to know why they loathed him - I hadn't spoken to him for months, so thanks to the program, I was inundated with phone calls. Most of them from people I had lost contact with years ago; even got a knock on the door from my neighbour, who usually just kicks our cat out of his front garden and never says hello. So thank you.

You mentioned a couple of people had rung up looking for my address. I was hoping you could send them on. I was only wondering this, because I have heard via someone in Buenos Aires that someone I knew there has now moved to Australia. He may have seen the program and does not know where to contact me. My fertile imagination was leaping to its many conclusions, once again. Alas, this could just be very wishful thinking. If you have the time to e mail them to me, I would be really grateful.

Once again, please let Andrew know how great his ears really are, and how huge his audience is amongst people I have not seen for ages.

Lucy Strickland

I especially love your FRONT UP series - I never miss it. It makes me laugh with joy and cry with pain at times - strikes a chord with me. I love trying to see where the interview is being conducted by noticing background buildings and features. A bit like a mystery! Love the places you bail people up - especially the Oxford Street interviews!
Cameron Edgar, Contract Exploration Geologist, Perth WA

Dear Andrew,
Caught up with your programme tonight. (5/5/98) What a good conversationalist you are. You are certainly able to draw out people from their shells. Well done. I found the programme delightful.

Ross Skiffington, Melbourne

Wow - I just read your profile. You’re the guy who does that SBS show. I don't know which but either you or the show is truly...(thinking of lots of positive adjectives and then discard them all)... frightening. Every time I watch I get shivers up my spine waiting for someone to publically disembowel themselves. How do you do it? Aagh - don't tell me. It's amazing to watch. I thank god that between me and you is my telly, and you can't jump into the living room for just a little chat...
Andrew Maloney (27/4/98)

Your half-hour show has been a great tonic to my wife and I. We watch it with the anticipation that we will be transported from the stresses of our work (both of us teachers in the public system) and family life (3 teenage girls) into the world of others, where we are reminded of the incredible diversity of life's journeys. You have the ability to extract some remarkable excerpts from some extraordinary "ordinary" people.
Thank you and keep making the series.

Dear Andrew,
I work as an ambulance officer, because I enjoy the interaction with people from all walks of life. I have found your program challenging, and I like the set of 3 principles that you enunciate in getting the best out of people. Particularly, "never assume anything". I have found that I have dug a bit of a hole for myself in my dealings, if I lose sight of this ideal, and it is nice to be reminded at times.
Thanks for your gem.
Neil Tyson

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on bringing into our homes every Tuesday evening the many interesting and varied lives of folk in and around our cities. You have a wonderful, natural and most impressive gift of communication - I am most envious! These days it truly does seem a lost art! I have been an avid viewer of Front Up for quite some time now and it seems you don’t have to ‘front up’ on too many occasions as folk are seeking you out to be interviewed. I must admit whilst I was travelling in Sydney last spring for a few days, I found myself looking for Andrew Urban. I thank you for all the folk I have met through you and have been extremely moved by some. I sincerely thank you for the introduction to Ralph, the butcher, (14/4/98) who at the outset charmed me - I had been endeared into this gentle man from the moment you first introduced us to Ralph and as his story unfolded became more engrossed - what a wonderful soul. After our meeting him I just had to drop him a line and would greatly appreciate you passing on my note to him. Once again Andrew thank you for my Tuesday evenings - my only suggestion would be the programme could run for at least an hour! - the half hour flies.
Warm Regards,
Susan Shaw

"I don't get to see it that often but I think that the show is a wonderful living testimony to the philosophy 'We are all the same but different – and we all have a life full of good, bad, love, loss, pain, joy and many other things. Even those who we least suspect.'
Great stuff, thank you"
Mathew Corbett

Andrew: We'll pass it on to Lucy's last known address and ask if she'd like to be contacted.

Having been an avid fan of Front Up for some time, the dilemma of working Tuesday nights or watching you in action was tough. In an ideal world - the dilemma would never have occurred; I would know how to programme my VCR; you would reschedule to Monday, Wednesday or Thursday; or I would remember when Front Up was repeated. In a less than ideal world I resolved to watch you while I was on holidays. Well done for being such an empathic, sensitive man. Once people start talking to you they forget there is a camera in front of them and show an authenticity you rarely see in the media. Says a lot about you.... and people in general:) As a psychologist I have the highest regard for your rapport with people... when is that repeat?
Carolyn Joyce, Australia
Andrew: Thursdays at 4pm.

We love Front Up in our house (if only our SBS reception were better!). Front Up captures the essence of Australianness - these people are us, and what interesting lives they lead. We especially like guessing the locations around Sydney. Andrew Urban is the best interviewer on television.
David Eldridge, Sydney

I stumbled across FrontUp by accident one night and every since then I have become a regular viewer. I really like the way it taps right into the Australian psyche and explodes alot of the hype of what is Australian culture. I have found that normal peoples lives are very interesting and it helps you put your own life in context. Thanks alot for a great show...
Bruce Carney - Bell Labs (Australia)

Dear Front Up Team,
I'd like to congratulate you all on a fabulous program. I admire the way Andrew draws people out and gets them answering the most personal questions. I also admire the way he is completely non-judgemental about peoples' comments, behaviours etc. Keep up the wonderful work.
Cynthia Smith

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Andrew L. Urban

Front Up can be seen on SBS television Tuesday nights at 7.30pm; Repeats Thursdays at 4pm.
Series 8 x 26 episodes, Part 2 from August 28, 2001.




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