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Seventeen year old Jared who lives with his mother in the beachside suburb of Blackrock, throws a welcome home party for his best friend and surf guru, Ricko. When a 15 year old girl from the party is found raped and killed on the beach next morning, Jared - who has witnessed something - is torn between loyalty to his ‘mates’ and the harsh truth.

Review by Louise Keller:
A powerful film with a deep emotional thrust. Nick Enright’s script is most effective for its economy - for what is often unsaid. The big question is whether or not to believe that Jared would do nothing having witnessed a brutal rape. After all, he stuck up for the girl at the party…. But that aside, Laurence Breuls, with soulful and expressive facial features, gives a convincing, broody performance as the troubled teen. He is well complemented by Simon Lyndon, who brings a biting edge to Ricko painting him with a smattering of evil and unpredictability. 

Linda Cropper’s Diane is an understated insight into troubled single parent, and the development of her relationship with Jared brings an extra dimension to the film. Whether or not the subtleties of Australian teen culture will totally translate in other countries is hard to say, but there is no question that the audience at the preview screening, which included a large group of high school students who appeared in the film, were greatly moved by the experience.”

Special features reviewed by Andrew L. Urban:
The 4-minute featurette is overburdened with clips from the film, but is good when it gets into the meat of cast and crew interviews. More interviews – short grabs from the EPK – fill out the background, with producer David Elfick, director Steven Vidler, writer Nick Enright, actors Simon Lyndon and Linda Cropper.

Nick Enright, not surprisingly, is the meatiest in setting up the themes and drama of the film, and the collective seven minutes of him is perhaps the most valuable for students working on the film as part of any curriculum.

When you’re done with the serious stuff (or even before) hitch on to the goof reel for some whacky footage made by three of the cast – Simon Lyndon, Laurence Bruels and Cameron Nugent - on a bonding surfing trip to Lennox Head – among other highlights. If you’re interested, the footage (raw video) will give you a glimpse of Cameron Nugent’s bum. If this doesn’t turn you on, catch the footage with legendary surfing lensman George Greenough. 

Published December 18, 2003

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CAST: Laurence Breuls, Linda Cropper, Simon Lyndon, Chris Haywood, Rebecca Smart, Essie Davis, Jessica Ledger, Justine Clare

DIRECTOR: Steve Vidler

SCRIPT: Nick Enright

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes


SPECIAL FEATURES: Interviews with cast/crew; goof reel; original trailer; featurette


DVD RELEASE: November 19, 2003

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