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"That scene took one of the smartest guys at Pixar about two and a half months to do. And it's barely four seconds long. "  -Brad Bird, writer/director, The Incredibles on a scene from the film.
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It's the first day of high school for bumbling best buds Lloyd Christmas (Eric Christian Olsen) and Harry Dunne (Derek Richardson), who immediately fall foul of the corrupt Principal Collins (Eugene Levy) and his head lunch lady girlfriend Ms Heller (Cheri Oteri). They want Lloyd and Harry to be the first students in a phony "special needs" class in order to milk $100,000 in grant money for themselves. Only a beautiful hard-hitting reporter for the school's newspaper (Rachel Nichols) has the brains to help them out.

Review by Shannon J. Harvey:
In 1994, the new comedy writing-directing team of Bobby and Peter Farrelly made their first movie, Dumb and Dumber, a hilarious slapstick gutter comedy that made Jim Carrey a Jerry Lewis-like star. Rumour has it whoever thought up this dog's vomit - whose title is the funniest thing about it - couldn't cough up the cash to get Carrey or Jeff Daniels. Without them on board, the Farrelly brothers didn't want anything to do with this "prequel", the full title of which is Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. 

Having been the only person in the audience on opening day of this Episode 1 style turkey, I can honestly say, it's a meeting you should avoid. Unlike the off-the-wall original film - where certain scenes almost had me soiling myself - I hardly got a laugh out of this lame duck, which just goes from worst to even worster and can only be truly enjoyed by those who share Harry and Lloyd's IQs. The only real giggles come from seeing the two young leads give energetic, enthusiastic first (and last?) performances. Both have their respective roles down pat, so much so that Olsen looks and behaves uncannily like a young Jim Carrey and Richardson does the same lame-brain stuff in the Jeff Daniels role. Olsen is particularly good, apparently having studied Carrey's mannerisms by watching Dumb and Dumber 100 times. Now that's Hollywood schooling at its best! 

But apart from watching these irreverent performances, there's nothing to keep you interested here. Not even the goofy supporting roles from Eugene Levy, who does nothing funny with his corrupt principal, or Mimi Rogers as Harry's dreamboat mum Lloyd is always daydreaming about, or Luis Guzman as Lloyd's adoptive dad and school janitor. And when Full House's Bob Saget turns up, well, you know things are getting desperate. Physical comedy - even physical toilet humour comedy – is only funny when it is original or edgy, and this is neither. Dumb and Dumberer tries to replicate the magic of the Farrelly's original, but just can't cut the cheese.

Special Features reviewed by Craig Miller:
There is a surprisingly reasonable collection of extras for this awful movie, which is more than it rightfully deserves. Making of and featurettes offer some good entertainment, and fans will enjoy the deleted scenes (with optional commentary) and outtakes which highlight more of the hammy hi-jinks from the film. Interesting take on the commentaries as well, with one full-length director’s commentary - featuring nothing out of the ordinary - and two partial satirical commentaries featuring various people associated with the film messing about with some tongue-in-cheek humour. All in all a wasted collection that will be seen by few, thanks to the utter garbage that is the feature presentation. 

Published March 10, 2004

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(US, 2003)

CAST: Eric Christian Olsen, Derek Richardson, Cheri Oteri, Luis Guzman, Mimi Rogers, Eugene Levy, Elden Henson, William Lee Scott

DIRECTOR: Troy Miller

SCRIPT: Robert Brener (Story), Robert Brener & Troy Miller (Screenplay)

RUNNING TIME: 86 minutes

PRESENTATION: 1.85:1 widescreen, 16:9 enhanced, Dolby 2.0 & Dolby Digital 5.1

SPECIAL FEATURES: Three Audio commentaries – Director, Film Critics and The Ciccone Family, Casting the perfect dummies featurette, Dumb and Dangerous – The making of Dumb and Dumberer, Lost & Found Department – Deleted scenes and Outtakes, Trailers and Easter Eggs

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Village Roadshow

DVD RELEASE: March 10, 2004

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