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When TV talent agent Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) meets her new executive Producer Ray Brown (Greg Kinnear), sparks fly and love is in the air. When the relationship falls apart, Jane takes the spare bedroom in the flat of her womanising co-worker Eddie Alden (Hugh Jackman). She begins to research Male behaviour, developing a cynical hypothesis that compares the mating habits of men to bulls. Eddie is a perfect prototype and fascinating to observe. Her friend Liz (Marisa Tomei), an editor at a men's magazine, persuades Jane to write a sex column under a pseudonym, which much to her surprise becomes a huge success. But the human heart is more complex than mere instinct and Eddie displays another side of his personality.

Review by Louise Keller:
A sassy, romantic comedy about the battle of the sexes, Someone Like You is a delight. Based on the novel Animal Husbandry (the original film title), the concept may not be new, but the performances (especially that of dazzling Ashley Judd), are so enjoyable that it is easy to be charmed and entertained. 

This is the kind of film that Hepburn and Tracey might have made in the golden years of Hollywood; here in New York yuppie-dom, the Moo-Cow theory is explored. Cows seem to be getting their fair share of attention these days; Gary Larson humanised them in his cartoons and recent films like Me Myself and Irene and Say It Isn't So have embraced them (albeit not always successfully), in their brand of humour. But here, the notion that bulls are attracted to 'new' cows and not 'old' cows is made into an amusing analogy around men's insistent interest in sexual conquest. 

Presented in a cute and appealing way with a witty script and engaging direction, Judd is the key to the film's appeal. She is sexy, stunning, effervescent and wholesome all at once, adding comedy to her already impressive list of talents. Hugh Jackman and Greg Kinnear work well as the men in her life; Kinnear is a real charmer as the cad, while Jackman shines as the misunderstood womaniser, who is really looking for love. It is a pedigree cast indeed, with Marisa Tomei and sensual Ellen Barkin providing some of the most memorable moments. 

'I bit myself shaving' is one of my favourite lines - says Jackman, when Judd points out a hickey on his neck. But there are plenty of snappy lines and the film kicks along effortlessly with its oomphy soundtrack. It's a an emotional ride and perhaps surprisingly, the film's strongest moments are its dramatic ones, which spear the heart. It's all about men's copulative imperative to spread the seed, while gals lust for love and commitment. It's uplifting, funny, romantic and moving - and in the final analysis, vive la différence!

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CAST: Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman, Marisa Tomei, Ellen Barkin

DIRECTOR: Tony Goldwyn

SCRIPT: Laura Zigman (novel Animal Husbandry), Elizabeth Chandler (screenplay)

RUNNING TIME: 97 minutes

PRESENTATION: Widescreen 16: 9


DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Fox Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: March 10, 2004

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