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"The best thing that happened to me is Rachel. Because she'll say to me - oh stop being such a smug bastard. Me smug? Oh shit, I'd better do something about it."  -Bryan Brown on his wife Rachel Ward
 The World of Film in Australia - on the Internet Updated Tuesday September 15, 2020 

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Why was "UPCOMING FILM OPENINGS" e.g. Month of Apr. May. June.and on...discontinued within Cinefile? Very informative!! Thanks.
Rod Taylor
Dep.Ed: We stopped running them because the dates change constantly, and it was very time consuming to keep them accurate. But, given your interest, we have re-introduced them.

Having paid who knows how much for the rights to prepare a screen play from Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard then call the result Jackie Brown seems to be what they mean when they talk about tinsel town.Any thoughts?
Norman Ellitt
Dep Ed: That's Hollywood for you. I actually don't think the title makes much difference one way or another - would work either way.

It's pretty obvious, but it seems the writer of The Bitch didn't really notice the Oscar nominations that Titanic received. He or she implies Leonardo di Caprio received a Best Actor nomination, this is not the case.
To have a bitch and get it wrong, Ha Ha
Alex Gunn

Our Bitch(y) columnist replies:
Dear AGunn
Not only are you a very literal little vegemite, you're a very smug one, too, AGunn.
If you were capable of actually reading more than a sentence or two before losing the thread, you just might have worked out that the nominations weren't exactly serious - viz to wit Oscar for Bestest Best FX and Best Drowning Noises. Hey? geddit??
I'm sorry to say, AGunn, that when they open the envelope to read out the winner of the Best Grasp of Irony category, your name will not be on the card and you will not be called upon to thank guhd and your mom while clutching a small statuette.
AGunn, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred pounds, do not even imagine you'll get a TER above 36, and do not write "ha ha" at the end of messages unless you are Very Very sure of your reason for amusement.
Yours respectfully, The Bitchy One

I've had Cinefile bookmarked for a couple of months, and try to visit every Thursday for the new stuff. It's great to find reviewers whose opinions can be trusted (apart from making a great read!). Andrew, I'm so glad you're on the James Valentine show on 2BL, as now I get a weekly reminder to come and visit this wonderful site.
Thanks for all the hard work,
Kate Andrews, Sydney

I love your site and I find it very informative. I'm American, but I'm very interested in Australian film and I've been linked to it for almost the full year that your site's been around. Anyway, I noticed that you have a movie-related links page on your site and I wanted to suggest mine: Noah's Lark: The Unofficial Noah Taylor Website Thanks in advance!
Emile Macadm, US

Urban Cinefile is great. How can I contribute to your success? Got any T-shirts or merchandise, I could buy or something?
Anthony Cassidy, Australia

Hi, Firstly thanks for the mag. I'm living in Gothenburg Sweden and constantly bully friends into seeing my favourite Australian movies (though the opportunity comes around but once or twice a year). With your site at least I can steer them towards things that are actually happening now instead of movies released months if not years before. Perhaps you could help me find out :
1) Which if any Australian films will be released in Sweden this year?
2) If it’s possible to get hold of a video highlighting films made in Australia this last year, ie. clips from the AFI awards?
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Simon Andrews, Gothenburg,Sweden
Editor’s Note: Readers’ suggestions welcome on this one!

Hi, just a bitch about classifications. Why the hell was Devil’s Advocate rated R18+. Are we following the American model where ultra violence is perfectly acceptable, but a bit of tit & bum makes a restricted rating. Is Pauline Hanson running the board? Are these people answering to the closed minds of our populist pollies or the Alan Jones talkback audience? (No need to answer that question.) I thought the gabfest between State and Federal classification boards was supposed to improve things. As an exhibitor I find it very difficult to justify preventing under 18's seeing such a film...
Ross McKay, Australia

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