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Voters in Australia’s ‘alternative’ movie awards, the IF Awards, have nominated Somersault, Tom White and The Old Man Who Read Love Stories for Best Film, each with a handful of nominations (8, 6 and 5) in other categories.

The three films in line for top honours are made by a newcomer (Cate Shortland – Somersault), a not so newcomer (third time director Alkinos Tsilimidos) and a 10-time veteran (Rolf de Heer, with The Old Man Who Read Love Stories).

The 6th Lexus IF Awards will be held on Wednesday November 10, 2004 at Sydney’s Luna Park. The ceremony will be broadcast live on SBS TV at 8.30pm with two delayed telecasts on subscription channel, Showtime. 

Gray & Perkins Lawyers IF Award for Best Short Film:
And One Step Back
Director/Producer Mark Robinson. Producer Annabelle Murphy
Everything Goes
Director Andrew Kotatko. Producer Colin Englert
So Close to Home
Director Jessica Hobbs. Producers Martin Williams and Samantha Jennings

Rising Sun Pictures IF Award for Best Animation:
Birthday Boy 
Director Sejong Park. Producer Andrew Gregory
Director Pia Borg. Producers Andi Spark and Paul Fletcher
Harvie Krumpet
Director Adam Elliot. Producer Melanie Coombs

Animal Planet IF Award for Best Short Documentary:

Helen’s War: Portrait of a Dissident
Director Anna Broinowski. Producers Sonja Armstrong and Anne Pick
Keeping the Faithful
Director Nicole McCuaig. Producers Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield
Sydney at War – The Untold Story
Director/Producer Claude Gonzalez. Producer Tamara Popper

Discovery Channel IF Award for Best Documentary:
Fahimeh’s Story
Director Faramarz K-Rahber. Producer Dr. Ian Lang
Letters to Ali
Director/Producer Clara Law. Producer Eddie L. C. Fong
The Man Who Stole My Mother’s Face
Director/Producer Cathy Henkel. Producer Jeff Canin

Finalists for the Glenfiddich Independent Spirit IF Award:
Bondi Tsunami – Rachel Lucas, Anthony Lucas-Smith and Naomi Lucas-Smith
Fahimeh’s Story – Faramarz K Rahber and Axel Girgor
Letters to Ali – Clara Law and Eddie L. C. Fong
Taliban Country - Carmela Baranowska

Finalists for the Ztudio What IF? Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay:
Accidents Happen – Brian Carbee
Paradise – Shane T Hall
Wharf at Woolloomooloo – Catherine Zimdahl

BMG IF Award for Best Music:
One Perfect Day – David Hobson and Josh G. Abrahams
Somersault – Decoder Ring (Tom Schutzinger, Pete Kelly, Matthew FitzGerald)
Thunderstruck – David Thrussell and Francois Tetaz

Tracks IF Award for Best Sound:
Love’s Brother - Gary Wilkins, Hugh Johnson, Andre Schmidt, Bernard O'Reilly
One Perfect Day - Paul Pirola, Glenn Newnham, Josh Abrahams, John McKerrow
Somersault - Sam Petty

The LaB Sydney IF Award for Best Production Design:
Love's Brother - Paul Heath
One Perfect Day - Macgregor Knox
Thunderstruck - Karen Harborow

Frameworks IF Award for Best Editing:
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories - Tania Nehme
One Perfect Day - Gary Woodyard
Tom White - Ken Sallows

Kodak IF Award for Best Cinematography:
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories – Denis Lenoir AFC
Somersault – Robert Humphreys ACS
Tom White – Toby Oliver

Mushroom Pictures IF Award for Best Script:
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories – Rolf de Heer
Somersault – Cate Shortland
Tom White – Daniel Keene

Animal Logic IF Award for Best Direction:

A Cold Summer – Paul Middleditch
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories – Rolf de Heer
Somersault – Cate Shortland

Yalumba IF Award for Best Actor:

One Perfect Day - Dan Spielman
Somersault – Sam Worthington
Tom White – Colin Friels

InStyle IF Award for Best Actress:
One Perfect Day – Leeanna Walsman
Somersault – Abbie Cornish
Tom White – Loene Carmen

SHOWTIME IF Award for Best Feature Film:
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
Director Rolf de Heer. Producers Julie Ryan and Michelle de Broca
Director Cate Shortland. Producer Anthony Anderson
Tom White
Director/Producer Alkinos Tsilimidos. Producer Daniel Scharf

Published October 11, 2004

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