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"It gave me a chance to say things to my on-screen son Max (played by Dakota Goyo) that I want to but wouldn't say to my real son"  -Hugh Jackman on his role in Real Steel
 The World of Film in Australia - on the Internet Updated Monday June 15, 2020 

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Broadband users can collect independently made, festival-selected films at a fair and reasonable price (US$0.99 for shorts, US$5.99 for features); download shorts, features and documentaries that have been screened at festivals around the world but often are never seen again. Urban Cinefile and Canada’s CineClix.com have forged an agreement to make it easy for internet users to own their own collection of quality independent productions – including Australian films. Here is a selection to whet your appetite; to explore the ever expanding range of films available, visit CineClix

News Flash: Aussie CineFest an ever expanding section featuring a selection of Australian films.

A random selection:

Australia (50 mins); US$5.99
Directed by Dale Lynch and Richard Hosking
Through their philosophy of brotherhood, the Balinese react with calm, tolerance and understanding to terrorism. The Balinese look inward to find answers, and through their introspection give hope to one another and to the world.
Festivals: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - Netherlands

Canada (20 mins); US$0.99
Directed by Tom Raycove
What happens when you live with someone who has an annoying habit that drives you nuts? Worse, you have a nervous disorder that makes it impossible to improve your situation by just moving out, for the enemy that threatens the sensitized citadel of your sanity is noise itself. Stars Jacob Medjuck, Dean Moen, Wil Davis, Paddy Moore
Festivals: Cannes Short Film Corner - France, Port Townsend International Film Festival - USA, Reelheart International Film Festival – Canada, Shockerfest International Film Festival – USA, West Chester Film Festival - USA
Awards: Jacob Medjuck for Best Actor in a Horror Short – Shockerfest International Film Festival – USA, 2nd Place Visuals/New Media - Reelheart International Film Festival

Australia (12 mins); US$0.99
Directed by Lynne B Williams
Whispering in the Dark is a short film about a brief affair. Two people seek refuge in pleasure which proves to be transitory and haunted by loss. Stars Rachael Blake, Daniel Schlusser.
Festivals: Fike Evora International Short Film Festival – Portugal, Flickerfest International Short Film Festival – Australia, Reel Venus Film Festival – USA, St Kilda Film Festival – Australia

France/Iran (53 mins); US$5.99
Directed by Sepideh Farsi
Through a mixture of the past and the present, an exile's home is revealed standing in the territory at the border of two lands. Through the testimony of Iranian exiles the story is told of all those who have tried one day to build a house which they had to leave behind.
Festivals: Cinéma du Réel – France, États généraux du film documentaire – France

Canada (80 mins); US$5.99
Directed by Larry Kent
HIGH offers a hard-edged look at the nastiness behind the sunny façade of the summer of love. Tom, an amoral Montreal drifter who supports himself by peddling dope and fleecing lonely woman, hooks up with Vicky, a straight-laced librarian, and initiates her, all too well, into his criminal ways. Stars Astri Thorvik, Lanny Beckman.
Festivals: Berlin International Film Festival – Germany, Buenos Aires International Film Festival – Argentina, Cork International Film Festival – Ireland, London International Film Festival – UK, Melbourne International Film Festival – Australia, Montreal World Film Festival – Canada, New York International Film Festival – USA, San Antonio Film Festival – USA, San Francisco International Film Festival – USA, Sydney International Film Festival – Australia, Toronto International Film Festival – Canada, Vancouver International Film Festival – Canada
Awards: Best feature – CFDC

Canada (14 mins); US$0.99
Directed by Meghan Ciana Doidge
Two Men. One Night. Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right? A woman torn between two men realizes that love is the only choice. Stars Sadie Lawrence, Ray Galletti, Kurt Evans.
Festivals: Hula & Friends Short Festival - Canada

Canada (8 mins); US$0.99
Directed by Bob Fugger
A mother and daughter face the biggest emotional challenge of their relationship - they must learn to separate from each other without destroying their love. Stars Katie Keating, Grace Bauer, Richard de Klerk
Festivals: Harmony Arts Festival – Canada, NSI Film Exchange – Canada, Vancouver International Film Festival – Canada

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