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Mild-mannered ventriloquist's dummy Glen (voice of Billy Boyd) believes he is the orphan offspring of notorious killer dolls Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). Fleeing his unhappy life as a sideshow attraction, Glen heads to Hollywood, where actress Jennifer Tilly (herself) is starring in a film based on the exploits of his parents. After bringing Chucky and Tiffany back from the dead, Glen's dream of a happy family reunion is shattered when his parents embark on a new killing spree and expect him to follow in the family "tradition". Further traumatised by a sexual identity crisis, Glen's personality splits in two and the evil "Glenda" is drawn into Chucky's diabolical plot to artificially inseminate Jennifer Tilly. Can the "good" Glen stop this madness?

Review by Richard Kuipers:
"I'm an Oscar nominee and now I'm fucking a puppet" is not the kind of line you're likely to hear from Julia Roberts or Jennifer Lopez and it's just one of the gems delivered by the magnificent Jennifer Tilly in this high spirited horror comedy. Easily the best of the five "Chucky" films made since Child's Play in 1988, Seed Of Chucky serves up plenty for fans of the franchise and new converts are likely to be won once word of its sharp satirical edge and Tilly's sensational performance starts to spread.

Taking its spiritual cue from the post-modern horror classic Scream (1996), Seed Of Chucky is an agreeably bloodthirsty mix of soap opera and Hollywood backstage story gone berserk, with Tilly in priceless form as she mercilessly sends up her sexpot image and filmmaking in general. The screenplay sparkles with jokes about Tilly's age, weight, career ups and downs and lesbian scenes with Gina Gershon in Bound (1997) and the lion-hearted actress is visibly enjoying every moment of it.

The other ace in the casting pack is cult director and trash aesthete John Waters. A long-time fan of the series who has a Chucky doll that his cleaning lady believes is possessed, Waters makes a rare acting foray and chimes in hilariously as a sleazy tabloid photojournalist who gets the goods on the demented doll's diabolical designs. Elsewhere there's also a spot-on turn by rapper/director Redman, who plays himself as a filmmaker considering Tilly for the role of Mary Magdalene in a biblical epic - "Mel Gibson's not the only Hollywood celebrity who's been touched by the voice of god" he says.

The entire Chucky series has been made by the team of writer Don Mancini (who makes his directing debut here) and producer David Kirschner, who have adroitly kept Chucky's killer instinct alive while permitting a much larger laugh quota than in previous installments. They must also be applauded for not resorting to boring CGIs for Chucky and the gang, They're still good old fashioned puppets driven by cables and that's the way we like it. Fans of the killer doll genre who are still waiting for Trilogy of Terror (1975) to be released on DVD should have a good time with this zippy entry that clocks in at the right running time of just under 90 minutes. With Tilly in scorching form and its comic barrels aimed at everything from the cult of celebrity to self-help groups, there's plenty here for those who'd normally run a mile from such disreputable entertainment.

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(US, 2004)

CAST: Jennifer Tilly, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters, Keith-Lee Castle, Redman, Steve Lawton, Tony Gardner

PRODUCER: David Kirschner, Corey Sienega

DIRECTOR: Don Mancini

SCRIPT: Don Mancini


EDITOR: Chris Dickens

MUSIC: Pino Donaggio

PRODUCTION DESIGN: (Art Department) James Michael Miller, Michele Mulkey

RUNNING TIME: 87 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: February 3, 2005

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