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17 year old student filmmaker Maya Newell explores the inner sanctum of Richard Blackie's bizarre toyshop in Sydney's inner city suburb of Petersham and strikes up a curious relationship with the 41 year old toy dealer. Maya paints a cinematic portrait of the eccentric toy collector and former Michael Jackson impersonator whose public obsessions and private torments are revealed in this record of the last few months of his life.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
His shop is filled with figurines from superheros to potato heads, from gizmos to widgets, replicas and plastic reptiles, some genuine vintage, some just old, character clocks, robots, monsters and miniatures. But it's Richard's personality that is most fascinating in this raw, down and dirty doco by film student Maya Newell. It's at once naïve and insightful, put together in chronological order, over a few short months.

Richard's self contradictory nature is highlighted by the two big rings on his left hand and the gold chain, contrasting with his downbeat T shirts and general demeanour of the working class lad who likes to finish his remarks with a rhetorical 'you know what I mean'.

The shortcomings of the film come from the interest that Newell creates in Richard; we want to know more, and we want to probe deeper. We want answers - where perhaps even Richard himself could not have supplied them

Published November 13, 2008

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(Aust, 2007)

CAST: Documentary featuring Richard Blackie

DIRECTOR: Maya Newell


MUSIC: Dylan Baskind

RUNNING TIME: 52 minutes

PRESENTATION: 1.33:1; DD 2.0

SPECIAL FEATURES: Additional footage; short films by Maya Newell


DVD RELEASE: September 18, 2008

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