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SYNOPSIS: A mischievous man (Felino Dolloso) pursues his passion for music and acting after losing his corporate job, his marriage and his home. Will he be successful in finding the fame and stardom that he's craving for?

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
Comedic docufakery is different to mockumentary in as much as a mockumentary is presented as a documentary - but it's fiction. Docufakery, like this well-meaning, soft-hearted oddball film - is a self-aware fiction pretending to be a documentary. You can't mistake one for the other.

The central subject of Adventures ... is the homeless man of the title (preferring to go by the name, Bobo), played with effusive energy by Felino Dolloso, whose giant wig of decorated (and annoying) dreadlocks is the real star - at least we see more of it than of him (behind sunglasses).

The chapters are introduced by bold intertitles and subsequent scenes jump out at us - as does the film, which feels as if it has ambushed the viewer. As we follow Bobo on his adventures, we are introduced to a variety of characters in and out of the music business, as well as the wife who left him.

The freewheeling, formless, improv style offers little by way of engagement and the hyperactive Bobo character distances the audience from what is in any case a rather unsavoury and self-centred oaf with musical pretentions. At least that, the persona he projects.

His encounter with a drug dealer (Rico Banderas) who reveals he's actually selling flour not cocaine is a welcome highlight, but we have to wait 40 minutes into the film. Without a real story hook for most of the film's run time, or a strong character interest, the film drags through its paces as Bobo tries to reconnect with his ex wife. This, then, is the heart of the film, with Bobo delivering a heartfelt apology to her via the doco camera in a complete change of tone, with a heartfelt touch. But it comes too late to rescue the film. Perhaps this approach would have made a more successful short film.

The best thing about the film is its (mostly) excellent sound.

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(Aust, 2016)

CAST: Felino Dolloso, Rico Banderas.

PRODUCER: Dicky Tanuwidjaya, Felino Dolloso, Ferry Lie

DIRECTOR: Dicky Tanuwidjaya

SCRIPT: Dicky Tanuwidjaya


EDITOR: Leon Hooke, Dicky Tanuwidjaya

MUSIC: Jamie Murgatroyd

RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: July 18 - 21, 2016; Chauvel, Sydney / VOD: October 2016

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