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Three aspiring young artists, Kit (Nadine Garner), Jack (Marin Mimica) and E (Bridie Carter) are at the crossroads. Jack, a failed short filmmaker who dreams of being something else, loses a job that he never liked in the first place; Jack 's politically active girlfriend Kit is a struggling young artist; E, a casual university student and unemployed budding pop musician likes to chronicle her life day by day in her zine.

"Fresh Air is an original, inventive and invigorating debut from Neil Mansfield. Low budget but far from low quality, this is a good omen for the Million Dollar Movie Scheme which spawned it. The script is spare and images, textures, music are all effective tools in what is an urban slice of life story about three young people on the threshold of their working lives. Relationships are central, and the inner Sydney settings create a cohesion for the film’s psychological undertow. Moods are well established and there are subtle shifts in the characters well played on the screen. Performances are tops all round and the film should appeal to most young people; the music is ‘now’ and serves well, while the cut and paste editing and shooting style gives the film a cohesion with it subject matter. Free of violence, sex and profanities, Fresh Air is a breath of."
Andrew L. Urban

"Innovative, visually appealing, with interesting filmmaking techniques, Fresh Air is a revealing and insightful glimpse into the lives of three young people. By effective integrated use of collage, music, stylised editing and a naturalistic, almost documentary style at times, it's a little like a pictorial daily diary, with events and thoughts coloured by observation, statements and stark realism. The impatience and insecurity of youth is well drawn, the mood pensive and reflective. Simplicity and complexity are effectively juxtapositioned, while music is used impressively over beguiling images. The performances are terrific, the vision of the director uncluttered. Fresh by name and fresh by style, here is innovative filmmaking about friendship, living, coping, having a point of view and self-expression."
Louise Keller

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CAST: Nadine Garner, Bridie Carter, Marin Mimica

PRODUCERS: Rosemary Blight

DIRECTOR: Neil Mansfield

SCRIPT: Neil Mansfield


EDITOR: Suresh Ayyar

MUSIC: Operation Gelato


RUNNING TIME: 95 minutes

AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: May 6, 1999 (Sydney only; other states to follow)

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