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This is the sequel to Jurassic Park: John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough), a venture capitalist, produced previously extinct dinosaurs from DNA fragments encased in amber. His company put these genetically engineered dinosaurs in a theme park on a beautiful Costa Rica Island, but the park systems broke down before opening and all the dangerous dinosaurs escaped and had to be destroyed. It has now been four years since the secret disaster at Jurassic Park and Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) finds himself with the terrifying realisation that something has survived!

"Hang on to your seats, you're in for a bumpy, rollercoaster ride of a movie, the ultimate popcorn flick that, like the myriad dinosaurs populating the creepy island of this Lost World, creeps up on you slowly then gobbles your senses as no movie before. OK, so this film is a sequel, it's manipulative, but it's so damn entertaining and exhilarating a journey, that it defies critical faculties. This is a far superior film to the original. Firstly, Spielberg and screenwriter David Koepp have injected a greater degree of structure and depth to this tale of human folly. The characters are more fleshed out now, there's far more for an audience to root for here. Then there are the dinosaurs, of all shapes and sizes, so imaginatively and ingeniously created, not only by computer, but there are some live action sequences remarkably engineered by Stan Winston. Not only has Spielberg crafted a film that is genuine edge-of-the-seat stuff, but the wry humour, deftly provided by Jeff Goldblum, gives this film a great balance between action and suspense. Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski has given Spielberg's monumental tapestry a dark and brooding visual feel and John Williams again provides an evocative score. From Spielberg's faultless direction, to its sharp editing and use of sound, Lost World is a movie that takes the viewer on one of the most pleasurable rides you're ever likely to embark upon, without insulting your intelligence in the process. The performances are all superb, from Goldblum to Julianne Moore and a wonderfully rich and malevolent Pete Postlethwaite. This is one world I was all too ready to embrace."
Paul Fischer

"Lost World is a marvellous adventure film. Bringing out the kid in all of us, Spielberg has put together a sequel that is better than the original in every way. All the elements are there: suspenseful plot with plenty of action, interesting lead performances, terrific production values and a wonderful beefy musical score. Plus of course, the fantastic special effects, that bring these extinct gigantic reptiles of all sizes to the big screen. The technology is so advanced that these mythical creatures exude a character and personality of their own: the flocks of small bird-like Compsognathus especially captured my imagination with their child-like hops and deadly predator-esque behaviour. And the T-rexes - well they’re glass-eating gymnasts… There is plenty of adrenalin pumping tension, and we are startled most when we expect it least: Spielberg is a master at work with our emotions. The script is sharp and witty, with most of the good lines going to Jeff Goldblum, whose dry, laconic performance is simply outstanding. The strong presence of Pete Postlethwaite as the exhilarated hunter - sporting an earing and a shaved head - adds an extra dimension. Take a ride to The Lost World: it's quite a trip."
Louise Keller

"With Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm centre stage and an overall dedication to the characters, The Lost World turns out to be more dramatically exciting than was Jurassic Park. The higher adrenalin level helps make up for a degree of loss in the novelty stakes: once you’ve seen a Spielberg-team dinosaur, you’ve seen them all, sort of thing. But here, we are more engrossed by the characters and their motives. This also allows Speilberg to pay attention to dialogue and humour, both left a bit on the backburner before. The genuine thrills of a cliffhanger combine with the exceptional oomph of the dinosaurs - we know they are effects, but we can’t tell how, so the magic works. This is up there with the great adventure yarns."
Andrew L. Urban

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Steven Spielberg



CAST: Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Sir Richard Attenborough, Vince Vaughn, Pete Postlethwaite, Peter Stormare, Arliss Howard, Richard Schiff, Thomas F. Duffy, Harvey Jason, Vanessa Lee Chester

DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg

PRODUCER: Gerald R. Molen and Colin Wilson

SCRIPT: David Koepp (Based on the novel The Lost World by Michael Crichton)


EDITOR: Michael Kahn

MUSIC: John Williams


RUNNING TIME: 134 minutes





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